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Published: Fri Nov 04 2016

E-Travelins.Com offers attractive insurance plans in affordable price for them, who travel a lot. This is an online website where anyone can buy an insurance plan according to his or her choice.

Many explorers like to enjoy a fine vacation but they forgot about the travel insurance. They think it is just an only waste of money. And they don't want to add extra burden in their budget. Because they already have so many planes for vacation so, they often avoid to buying a travel insurance plan.

Why you need travel insurance-

What if, you suddenly fall ill on your 4th day of trip? Or, What if you get injured during site seeing? These unwanted incidents may cause unexpected financial challenges for you. Because accidents are unpredictable, so it is possible that you will need to face medical emergency. However, you can avoid these scenarios with us. We are available at http://e-travelins.com/ to provide the best medical insurance plans. With our plans, you can easily deal with these kinds of situations. So choose the right insurance plan, which simply matches with your needs.

Type of travel insurance-

Medical insurance- We provide medical insurance on your foreign trips. In that, you will get the full coverage for your family and also you will get free insurance for below 2 years child.

Non-medical insurance- Apart from the health, we also provide non-medical insurance for baggage. In the condition of theft, robbery and fire, etc. You will get the 100 of the maximum baggage cover.

Trip cancellation- In this insurance plan, you will get the cover on your trip cancellation. If it cancelled by a fortuitous reason. In that condition, you will get a fixed amount for cancellation.

Coverage options-

• Single trip- If you are not like travelling so much then, you can try for the single trip insurance. In this, you will get the cover for a single overseas trip.

• Multi/Annual trip- This is beneficial them who travels frequently. All your trips for the entire year will be covered in this plan.

• You will get the full coverage for medicinal treatments and home transportation
• We provide you free consultation with an expert doctor before, during and after the trip.
• You are free to select hospitals as per your choice whenever you need.
• We offer full coverage on any nationality and overseas medical plan.
• You do not need to do co-payment on any treatment we will handle all the payment process.

Why you select us-

We have over 40 year's excellent experience in the travel insurance. Mainly we are focused on health insurance plan and any other voyage resolutions. We have dedicated employees, who work 24/7 for the clients. We try our best to fulfill your needs in your budget. We are available at http://e-travelins.com/ to give our finest services at the best price.

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