Published: Sat Nov 05 2016

Saga of Love is an entertaining family movie and emotionally uplifting fairy tale, designed for young audiences that appreciate similar genre pieces such as Harry Potter, Avatar, Twilight, Lord of the Rings, Thor.
Our goal is to create a film that will be commercially exploitable to a mass audience through a large worldwide distributor (Universal Pictures, Lionsgate, Netflix) by means of a theatrical exhibition, pay-per view, streaming, Virtual Reality (VR), cable broadcast and all home-video formats.
Saga of Love will also be available as a virtual reality (VR) product in collaboration with a VR media development company.
Saga of Love will take its viewers on a deep spiritual journey of philosophical understanding of pure, selfless, unconditional love and evolution of human souls. Each of the three parts unveils a mesmerizing world and its inhabitants. We learn about the "Kingdom of Angels", a fantasy land of Light, Peace, Compassion, Love and Magic where the main characters Alexander and Anna were created as each other’s "half", where the WishMaker grants selfless wishes, the Angel of Love keeps the secret formula of the Elixir of Love, the Keeper of Souls evaluates humans for their readiness to enter the Kingdom of Eternity… And whoever is not "ripe", goes straight back to Earth, or even worse, the Kingdom of Darkness, where such soul experiences grief and spiritual degradation in the company of the fellow "inmates" that are under the influence of evil forces. And only Alexander fulfills the ancient prophecy of salvation of the lost souls releasing all the captives of the Dark Kingdom, including his beloved Anna who had fallen victim to the Devil’s tricks, with the power of the Crystal of Lights he secretly obtained from the Goddess of Lights of the Rainbow Kingdom.
The Plot
The first film "Saga of Love: The Kingdom of Angels" portrays the spiritual birth of Alexander’s and Anna’s souls, in the celestial realm of the fairy tale kingdom of angels and magical creatures. The couple finds themselves in love lifetime after lifetime on Earth only to be separated by distance, obstacles and karmic events…
Two enchanted rings (that would only fit their true bearer) attracted Alexander and Anna in each incarnation on Earth. The night when the legend of the ring came to pass was the night of Princess Anna's another!
The second part "Saga of Love: The Kingdom of Darkness" continues the story of the soulmates’ love when Prince Alexander, by giving his life for the only true love, his other half in spirit, transcends to mysterious planes of the Universe with the divine help of the Goddess of Love and angelic beings. After his ascension to the Kingdom of Angels, Alexander realizes his unfulfilled mission to save his beloved Anna from the demonic powers taken hold of her after his sacrificial death. He must enter the Kingdom of Darkness where he fights the demons to rescue his beloved Anna with the magical Crystal of Lights.
The third film "Saga of Love: The Kingdom of Eternity" shows the adventures of the saved souls from the Kingdom of Darkness in the Kingdom of Angels as they mingle with the magical creatures and fairy tale beings. Alexander and Anna have the last incarnation on Earth before them. Their script of life is carefully written and monitored as their evolution unfolds.
For centuries Alexander, now angel, waits for his beloved Anna to be reborn again - When Anna reaches the castle she has been obsessed with all her (present) life, she experiences a magical deja-vu and vivid past life recollections. She is able to clairvoyantly see the events that took place and people who lived in that castle - including herself and her soulmate, the only true bearer of the ring from the medieval storybook myth (about her and Alexander). The magical rings illuminate as they feel the presence of the One. As the necklace chain breaks, one ring rolls on the floor and onto the hands of the angel (spirit of Alexander) who then becomes flesh. The couple truly becomes "Two hearts, One Soul" as they ascend to the Kingdom of Angels and merge in their soul-light to enter the Kingdom of Eternity. They both enter the Pyramid of Time to be together forever. After numerous reincarnations and multi-dimensional travel thru the awe-inspiring Universe, Alexander and Anna reunite in the Kingdom of Eternity.
The Market
Inspirational and uplifting films with dynamic characters and emotionally charged themes have always been a mainstay at the box-office. The public has embraced films such as Divergent, Avatar, Snow White and the Huntsman and the aforementioned genre pieces. Each of these highly acclaimed motion-pictures is, at their roots, a fantasy film driven by the characters’ strong love. Saga of Love is a mesmerizing fairy tale, with its plot deeply rooted in romance, adventure and suspense.
Contemporary viewers seek diversion in their entertainment, but the most successful motion pictures are those with characters that audiences can empathize with, adore and believe in. We feel that Saga of Love is an excellent motion picture property, and can draw such audiences.
Upon securing first monies in through private or studio financing, the "Saga of Love, LLC" will seek out pre-sold distribution or negative pickup with a letter of agreement or letter of credit from interested distributors to assist in putting together the total budget for the picture. At present, all rights (including theatrical, cable, broadcast, pay-per-view, home-video, virtual reality (VR) and international are available.

"SAGA of LOVE" (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Executive Soundtrack Producer: Anthony Meyer
Recording Artist: Oksana Angel

"SAGA of LOVE" motion picture soundtrack was originally produced by Billboard-charting record producer Anthony Meyer (Traxstarz USA) who has lent his incredible talent to the film-musical composing and arranging Oksana Angel’s 20 original soundtracks. Owing to him, the haunting soundtrack of the opening scene "Unconditional Love" is filled with mysterious energy, divine light and enigma.
Anthony Meyer’s mesmerizing arrangements and score unveils the entire magnificent Universe that unfolds in the film frame-by-frame, scene-by-scene. Medieval-inspired yet mainstream-orchestrated scores with New Age/Pop elements give this movie an eternal heartbeat.
Anthony Meyer has produced for The Pussy Cat Dolls’ Kaya Jones, Mitchel Musso, Jeff Timmons of 98 Degrees (Billboard Top 20 "That Girl") and many other celebrity artists, as well as popular TV shows, films and commercials for well-known household brands.
"Unconditional Love" is a mesmerizing song about pure, selfless and unconditional love that transforms hearts from within. This is the essence of the Universe and everything it is made of." - Oksana Angel
"We expect to make a significant impact among the spiritually-oriented audiences with Oksana’s uplifting single "Unconditional Love" and soundtrack for Saga of Love film that carries inspirational messages of inner peace, joy and kindness." – Anthony Meyer, Producer
Following the iTunes release of the first record from the soundtrack, billboard-charting celebrity producers and DJs (Dan Mathews of Klubjumpers) remixed the track for the Dance/Pop/Electronic audience. Klubjumpers engineered the remix mainly for the dance radio and clubs, the same way they crafted the major label remixes like the Billboard’s Hot 100 number one in November, 2009 "Whatcha Say" by Jason Derulo (Warner Bros.), "No Me Digas Que No" by Enrique Iglesias (Universal), "Wepa" by Gloria Estafan (Crescent Moon Records).
Multi-platinum record producers Chris Johnson (Evanescence "My Immortal") and Richard Bosworth (Sarah Brightman "Time to Say Good-Bye") who have contributed to this project, compare Oksana’s warm vocals to the angelic-sounding voice of Sarah Brightman ("Symphony"), the hypnotic sound of Enigma ("Principles of Lust", "Sadness") and the sensual notes of Sade ("Soldier of Love," "Lovers Rock").
To get a digital copy of this magnificent fruit of multi-talented collaboration, go to
"Unconditional Love" is a mesmerizing song about pure, selfless and unconditional love that transforms hearts from within. This is the essence of the Universe and everything it is made of." -Oksana Angel
To get a glimpse of the Saga of Love fantasy film, view the concept music video "Unconditional Love" based on the same story written for the movie. Watch it free at

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