From: TranSeat
Published: Sat Nov 05 2016

TranSeat team is pleased to announce the launch of a Kickstarter campaign that will allow the public to meet TranSeat: A revolutionary product that changes the way of transferring disabled person.

"For years people have been using wheelchair. However, it was not until it happened on our family member that we started to realize the difficulties in transferring someone onto and out of the wheelchair. We believe that other than the traditional way (which is rather uncomfortable for the person being carried) and the complicated and costly indoor crane/lift, there have to be a simpler and better solution to the problem." says Jinny, co-founder of TranSeat.

TranSeat is designed to help care assistants to lift physically disabled people onto and out of a wheelchair. In order to support maximum weight, TranSeat’s handle is made in one piece using strong webbing fabric which allows far greater support compared to the conventional handle. It has been tested and proven by government bodies that it can easily support up to 120kg (265 lbs) of bodyweight. The body of TranSeat is made with 3D mesh fabric that allows superior air ventilation, which is important because people are likely to be sitting on it for several hours.

"TranSeat is really easy to use with no complicated skills required! For instance, you only need 3 simple steps to transfer a person between bed and wheelchair." says Ethan, Product Designer.

TranSeat is available at special, early-bird discount pricing for a limited time. To learn more about TranSeat’s campaign on Kickstarter, please visit
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