ADOF Games floats it’s latest casual game - Connect the Clocks

Published: Sun Nov 06 2016

‘Connect the Clocks’ is a casual game available on android in India and US. With this, ADOF games heralds a new era for gamers by introducing games that reward users with lots of opportunities to score and make real money. Connect the Clocks is their latest offering to the gaming community with a horde of different games stacked up for release.

It is an easy to play, simplistic yet addictive aim and shoot game. Users collect reward points by simply clicking on various clocks and aiming correctly.

For gamers with good hand-eye coordination, unmatched timing & knack for fast paced games this is "THE OPPORTUNITY" to use those skills and earn some real money. Apart from the money, it's clean graphics, catchy music and simplistic features make it stand out amongst a horde of gaming apps on the play store. The best part is that it is a free to install game yet there are no annoying banner or interstitial ads. The ads are displayed only when a gamer wishes to extend their life and play more. So, the ads also in a way bear fruits in terms of lives.

In the words of the experience of a user ranked on the top five in this app’s global leaderboard as of today, "I love arcade games, Connect the Clocks is a free to use app yet has no interrupting ads, it is catchy and quite challenging. The integration of ADOF wallet within the game made it easier for me to encash my points with PayPal."

Users can earn points to climb up the global leaderboard and unlock monetary rewards. It comes with an inbuilt ADOF wallet which is the easiest, fastest and safest way to encash all the money earned from this game.

It is currently available only in India and US on Android- Google PlayStore. Its attractive rewards make this game a must-have-on-any-android-mobile.

Play, Earn, Play, Repeat looks like the newest trend in the coming winter season.

Find all this hard to believe? Try for yourself – Download Connect the Clocks now

The clock is ticking, What are you waiting for? Game On!

ADOF Games LLP is India’s first mobile gaming company that rewards its gamers with actual money. ADOF Games aims to provide a world-class mobile gaming experience and connect the virtual world with the real by giving gamers rewards that actually matter. With many games in the pipeline the company is poised to create a ripple in the gaming industry.
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