Chelation Benefits before and after heart bypass and stents

From: Sibia Medical Centre
Published: Mon Nov 07 2016

Vinod, a gold smith from Sangrur had a stent put in his heart's arteries and hoped all will be well now. Little did he realize that all treatments have limited benefit and sooner or later fail otherwise no one would ever dies of a heart attack. Drug eluting stents are expected to fare better and million of drug eluting stents have been implanted in the last decade. The purpose of these stents is to reduce restenosis but an analysis found that after six months many patients even with drug-eluting stents cardiac events.
Unfortunately he developed angina within months of the angioplasty stents and was told that heart bypass surgery will be required. That is when he heard of Intravenous EDTAChelation Therapy and turned to Dr Sibia for treatment. After 30 treatment sessions he felt fit and fine and even cleared his medical examination to immigrate to America and is now settled in USA. He now comes back to India for follow-up Chelation therapy as the treatment though available is many centres in USA in many times more expensive there.
Increased risk of blood clots, leading to heart attack and sudden death after stents are implanted in patients has been reported with cardiologists pondering what action to take. Even stents with medication added may increase the risk of thrombosis. To prevent this long term treatment with clopidogrel and aspirin is advised but does not always work. Dr. Terry Chappell in a study showed cardiovascular patients treated with Chelation therapy had a lower rate of myocardial infarction and death, than those treated with medications, angioplasty or heart bypass. Available data shows intravenous Chelation is safe and effective for treating patients who have implanted medicated stents.
As per published protocol, Chelation therapy dose adjustment is based on kidney function and other parameters and is administered intravenously once or twice weekly for 20-30 treatments. For maintenance, treatments are administered monthly because new platelets are formed approximately every 3.5 weeks; monthly treatments provide continued platelet aggregation inhibition. There is reliable evidence that it may prevent clotting and subsequent cardiac events, including premature death, in patients who have had angioplasty with or without stent placement.
Dr Sibia, Director of a heart centre in Ludhiana in Punjab (India) informed that in addition to Chelation Therapy cardiovascular rehabilitation program should include aggressive lifestyle change for all heart patients with or without angioplasty, stents or bypass surgery specially for patients with complex cardiovascular conditions, such as diabetes, acute myocardial infarction, and multi-vessel coronary artery disease.
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