Rahi Systems Added Data Center Electrical Design

From: Rahi systems
Published: Mon Nov 07 2016

Most IT solution providers focus on compute, storage and networking technologies. Rahi Systems is uniquely qualified to provide a holistic solution that encompasses your data center facilities as well as the IT environment.

Rahi team has extensive experience in the design and implementation of data center infrastructure — from structured cabling, to racks and cabinets, to power and cooling. And now they have added three licensed and certified professionals who have expertise in electrical systems.

Mozart Faizi, Director of Facility Solutions, a registered professional engineer with nearly three decades of experience in electrical engineering and project management, and extensive involvement in mission-critical facilities projects. Mo has designed several large data center electrical facilities and brings valuable knowledge for our customers.
Ray Barrozo, Facilities Engineering Manager, a licensed C10 electrician and OSHA-certified professional with expertise in medium- to low-voltage wiring and all aspects of the data center electrical installation. Ray has implemented several projects, from 2000V transformer systems to 480V busway systems.
Sopo Siaosi, Installation Technician, a certified electrical technician who has experience with low-voltage wiring and cabling, as well as rack and cabinet installation, anchoring, containment installation, etc.

The entire team will report to Paul Weber, VP of Engineering at Rahi Systems. This provides a complete solution portfolio for cooling and power at Rahi Systems in addition to our professional services, products and next-generation technologies.

If you are planning to expand, upgrade or relocate your data center, Rahi Systems offers the single-vendor expertise for all six domains in your data center, including power, cooling, space, compute, network and storage.
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