ADIPEC welcomes all delegates, steel companies like Great Steel and Metals to Abu Dhabi

From: Great Steel and Metals
Published: Mon Nov 07 2016

Abu Dhabi, being the second most populous city and the capital of United Arab Emirates lies on an Insalnd that is T shaped. With a popular of over 1.5 millions, it is a center for a number of events that take place and attract people from all around the world. Due to its position as the capital, it is the center of the industrial and political activities of the country and accounts for approximately 2/3rd of $400 billion economy of the United Arab Emirates. There are a number of events that take place here and ADIPEC is one such event that holds great importance. Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference 2016 is taking place and welcoming companies like Great Steel and Metals and other big names from all around the world to participate here and make this event successful.

Other than attending ADIPEC 2016, there are a number of other reasons also available why you should visit Abu Dhabi. For instance, this place is full of archaeological evidences like Umm an-Nar Culture that points to civilizations and is being located here from as long as three millennium BCE.

There are many other attractions that are worth seeing at Abu Dhabi. One such most amazing architectural landmarks situation at Abu Dhabi is the Sheikh Zayed Mosque. It’s not wrong to say it is one of the most amazing architectural treasures that the country holds even today. The genius architectural is sure to take you to the other world.

If you are fond of flora and fauna then too, there’s lot more for you to witness and appreciate. In Abu Dhabi alone, there are more than 2000 gardens and well maintained parks to mesmerize you. The beauty and fresh air coming from these parks are sure to give you pleasure that can’t be defined in words.

So, if you are planning to visit ADIPEC, then undoubtedly along with business, you will get a chance to re-energize yourself. From the business point of view also, you will be glad to find one of the top Buttweld fitting manufacturing companies in India, like Great Steel and Metals that has over 30 years of experience and specialization in Super Duplex Flanges and Fittings and lot more.

Explore Abu Dhabi, attend ADIPEC and combine your business travel into vacation.

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