Sharda Travels Releases a List of Complimentary Add-on Service on Cab Booking

From: Sharda Travels
Published: Wed Nov 09 2016

Every year a lot of pilgrims visit Shirdi via Pune to offer their prayers at the Sai Baba Temple. There are numerous options available for commuting from Pune to Shirdi like cabs, bus etc. howevermost of them are not reliable. It is very hard for a person, new to a place to judge which cab service provider is genuine. The complaints of pooling up of passengers on the way, probable tie up with the hotel vendors enroute where they purposefully stop etc. are on a rise. Seeing the situation, a lot of passengers have dropped the idea of using a cab service to reach Shirdi. However,Sharda Travels, which has also been awarded with the most reliable Pune to Shirdi cab service provider award, has taken certain steps to distinguish its trustworthy service from others.

• First of all, you can easily identify the cabs of Sharda Travels by noticing its label on the cab.
• Secondly, before you board the cab, you can do a double check by asking for the ID from the driver. Sharda Travelprovides the company ID to all its drivers.
• GPS Tracking of the all the cabs of Sharda Travels to ensure safety and keep a check on the points where the cab stops.
As a value add service, Sharda Travels has decided to take the following steps:-

• Provide free newspaper to all the passengers boarding the cab
• Provide free water bottle to all the passengers once you have boarded the cab
• Professional chauffeur service while you are in Sharda Travel’s taxi from Pune to Shirdi
• Free refreshment at a hygienic eatery enroute Shirdi
• Before time arrival of the cab at your boarding point
• Free Wi-Fi in the cab

All the above services have been implemented immediately and you can avail these service without paying any extra cost. These add-on services have been started on experiment basis and if it works out well, very soon these services shall be extended to other routes as well. A lot of tourists have already started availing the Pune to Shirdi Cab service from Sharda Travels. Around 60% of them combine the Pune to Shirdi route withLonavala. So, they start from Pune and reach Shirdi on the same day. The right time to reach Shirdi is before 2:00 pm. It takes nearly 2-3 hour to stand in the queue and reach the main premises where the Sai Baba’s Idol is placed. There is an Aarti at 5:00 PM in the evening. After attending the Aarti, one can head for the local market followed by a dinner at the hotel. Next day in the morning start for Lonavala which is a 4 hour journey from Shirdi. Stay there for at least 2 days and startback for Pune well on time. It is a 3-4 hours journey from Lonavala to Pune.

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