Amazing levitating contemporary lamp takes interior design back to the future

From: Glow
Published: Thu Nov 10 2016

Levitating Contemporary Lamp When a lamp is no longer just a lamp. With glow, you can now create a warm and beautiful atmosphere in your space as it gently rotates while levitating. The lamp design sets the path of a new lighting technology that may alter interior design and how we see lighting.

What makes Glow unique:
● Glow is a levitating, rotating crystal that expels a beautiful warm calming light
● On/off touch switch: ○ Mode 1 –Full lighting – task light (350 lumens)
○ Mode 2 – Soft Glow – mood light
● The lights are diode emitting low energy lights, meaning they are able to be powered by lithium batteries whilst releasing a bright light source,
● After a full charge, the crystal can last up to amaximum of 80 hoursdepending on the modes of usage
● Grab the crystal and it becomes a wireless lamp

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