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Published: Thu Nov 10 2016


Incedo Inc. delivers solutions for the banking and financial services which support clients in transforming commercial operations. With Incedo Inc’s agile solutions, customers can easily adapt to a transforming business environment. Incedo Inc’s services and solutions in the Banking and Financial services Industry include (but are not limited to) Trading solutions, Exchange solutions, Mortgage solutions and Payments solutions.

Santa Clara, Oct 14th 2016

Stock trading industry in USA is undergoing constant transformation. New regulatory requirements, LULD, market wide cir cuit breakers, central clearing and RFQ based multilateral trading is bringing about a sea change in the way trading is traditionally done. Incedo Inc. has unparalleled experience of trading platforms and trading domain in the banking and financial Industry. Customers are provided with an entire range of ( Pharma Technology Consulting Services starting from Application Development and Integration services to maintenance and support of applications.

Incedo Inc. has conceptualized, designed, built and is maintaining an Online Brokerage and Trading Solution for a famous bank in the retail banking sector. Incedo Inc. launched a fully integrated STP solution integrating Trading, Order management and back-office tools. The ( BI & Analytics, banking and financial services management teams at Incedo have designed this solution to provide low-latency Performance and Stability. The Application will process trades using single Trading Station or API (application programming interface) and DMA network, with just one click.

Some of the key features of this solution include:

• Desktop, Web and Mobile – Like other Applications built by Incedo Inc. in the financial and banking services vertical, this Trading Platform is also available on all the three possible on-line channels and for leading OS versions on mobile devices.
• Centralized Pre-Trading & Credit Risk Management – Even before a user decides to click to buy securities, all the necessary checks for any compliance violations or credit checks of the customers based on their credit rating from CRISIL and other bank details is made available to the system and only then is the order allowed to be placed. The amount of complexity involved to carry out these checks is humongous since the data is coming from a wide variety of channels. The application has very intelligent algorithms built-in for accurate calculations without compromising on velocity or performance. Sophisticated Data Management and Master Data Management techniques have been have been incorporated right from conceptualizing and design stage to create this robust system.
• Architected to add new Exchanges / Assets on the fly – Traders will always be interested to look out for exchange where they can make more margins because of the cost variations and be the first to buy any new product or asset available in the market. All these require the application architecture to be highly configurable so that users can add assets on the fly without having to re-engineer the solution. The highly experienced and skilled team at Incedo has included such value added features in this Trading application.
• Multi-Asset support for Equities, FX, Commodities and Derivatives – This Application caters and reaches the novice users who want to try their hands on trading. The application also caters to the most advanced buy side users who manage their client’s money. This application handles trading from Equities to Derivatives and from order placement to settlement and reporting cycles.

All the sophisticated features (including but not limited to) are:

o Clearing and Settlement: The application has online options with all major clearing houses and regulatory bodies
o Accounting: It provide the users with the latest updates on pricing and NAV/AUM for ledger calculations
o Risk Management: A graphical view of the risk is available on your portfolio while comparing the same against various Indexes
o Position Management: The application has the ability to manage and views the assets the users own with historical trends and advice and
o Collateral Management: Hedging or managing one asset against another based on the users investment strategy are part of this Trading platform.

• The solution is highly scalable.
• Live Streaming Quotes and live market news are a part of the system.
• Other features include: Fast Order Entry, Tic by Tic Live, Intraday Charts, Technical Analysis, Intraday Futures, Intraday Futures, Customizable Alerts, Extensive Reports, Real Time Market Statistics, World market Summary.

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Incedo Inc. is a CMMI Level 3, ISO 9001 and 27001 certified, HIPAA compliant IT consulting and services firm with a strong workforce of more than 1500 employees present across North America, South Africa and APAC. Incedo Inc. delivers agile and innovative solutions for the banking and financial services which support clients in a transforming business environment.
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