Promotional Activities by E-Commerce Companies in India

From: GiveMePublicity
Published: Thu Nov 10 2016

In the festive season all the companies target on boosting their profits by increasing sales. Sales can only be increased in festival time as compared to rest of the year by offering the end consumer discounts & offers on their products. This strategy is known as Promotional Activities. Like every other company in the Industrial sector, e-commerce companies are also not untouched by this profit making phenomenon in the festive season. These companies have large consumer base ranging from a toddler to an old age person. This is both their strength & challenge.

E-commerce companies bring in many discounts & offers around the festival time for their consumers. These companies deal in mammoth variety of products ranging from a baby pacifier to big electronic items. Some of the promotional offers provided by e commerce companies are Diwali Bumper Sale, Diwali Dhamaka Week, Big Billion Day etc. They attract consumers to buy products through their websites by offering heavy discounts on different products, buy one get one schemes or by offering free gifts on minimum shopping of certain amount or by giving discount coupons. Not only this, you also buy a shopping discount coupon as a gift for your dear ones, hence increasing the sales for online shopping companies in one way or the another.

The never ending war of discounts & offers between e commerce companies did benefited the end consumers. They have now endless options of buying products with heavy discounts & offers. Only catch is that consumer has to smart enough to compare the discounts offered by different companies. It is said that lots of options bring lots of confusion too. Take any discount or offer, you are not in loss. Gone are the days now when you buy a product & somebody comes to you & says that this very product is available at lesser cost at some other shop. Now, everything is available on competitive prices.

After coming up with all these promotions E commerce companies are still struggling to change the mindset of handful of Indian consumers, who believe that discounted products are either defected or of low quality. They avoid buying discounted products just because of non awareness among the consumers, that the products which are discounted are not of same quality. Companies are working hard to change this thinking among the Indian consumers.

E commerce companies keep big budgets for these kinds of promotional activities, be it like advertisement, discounts, offers or gift cards. Large amount of Money, Mind & Time is spent on planning promotions of products & their websites. E-commerce companies knows very well that smarty given discounts & offers will surely increase their consumer base, hence increasing their net profits & needless to say, bringing joy & happiness among the buyers nationwide. So keep looking for discounts & offers as there are many more to come.


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