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Published: Thu Nov 10 2016

Conference Series has been instrumental in conducting international chromatography meetings for three years, and very excited to expand Europe, America and Asia Pacific continents. Previous meetings were held in major cities like Amsterdam, Chicago, Spain with success the meetings again scheduled in three continents. 4th Chromatography Congress to be held during August 07-09, 2017 at Rome, Europe. 9th Analytical & Bioanalytical Techniques Meeting Scheduled in Atlanta, USA during September 27-29, 2017. 7th Global Congress on Mass spectrometry scheduled during October 19-20, 2017 in Japan, Asia.

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The Chromatography market is expected to reach USD 9.223 Billion by 2020 from USD 7.062 Billion in 2015, at a CAGR of 5.5%. Chromatography has evolved over the years and become a method of choice for analysis, identification, and purification of a wide variety of compounds. Chromatography work is growing rapidly, with value expected to hit $228 billion by 2015, up from $164 billion in the year 2010, marking annual growth of nearly 7%, according to a recent industry research report. The global gas chromatography market, valued at $2,583.6 million in 2014, is expected to reach $3,605.1 million by 2019 at a CAGR of 6.9%. The market for gas chromatography instrumentation is expected to grow at the highest CAGR of 5.7% from 2014 to reach $883.5 million by 2019. The largest chromatography market is in North America followed by Europe-with the two continents having 70% of the market-then Asia. It is anticipated that whilst North America and Europe will continue to lead the market over the next five years, the chromatography market in Asia will expand and increase its market share.
"Globally the market for Liquid chromatography Instruments is increasing rapidly the main reason for this is the growth in pharmaceutical industry. The factors that influence the growth of Liquid chromatography Instruments market are the increasing development in pharmaceutical industry for understanding appropriate chemical for introducing new medicine and maintain pharmaceutical quality" says Saurabh Kumar Sinha, Vice President at Wise Guy Research Consultants Pvt. Ltd

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