Provinces Dental Offers End Of Year Dental Services

From: Provinces Dental
Published: Fri Nov 11 2016

Many of those fortunate to have dental insurance, Flex or Health Spending Accounts through their employer, are allowed a certain amount of dollars to spend on your dental care each year. These dollars are part of your compensation for the work that you do! If those benefits are not used within the year, YOU WILL LOSE THEM. In the case of many Flex or HSA plans funded by employers, the employer is refunded back your un-used dollars. Don’t leave YOUR money on the table!

Likewise, many patients have purchased dental plans via the Exchange, and have paid high premiums in return for certain dental benefits. These dental benefits pay a portion of your dental services. Are you paying premiums for benefits you haven’t received?

Nearly half of those with dental benefits do not use them. If you have family, friends, or coworkers who haven't been to the dentist this year, please encourage them to schedule an appointment with Provinces Dental now. If you have had dental treatment recommended, but not yet completed, and would like to see if you have unused benefits, or if you have not had at least two exams & cleanings this year, we urge you to call us TODAY at (480) 792-6880 or make your appointments as soon as possible.

Our schedule fills completely at the end of the year, as patients with expiring benefits try to get in for necessary or preventative treatment. Please don't wait until "later" to schedule. We feel badly for the hundreds of patients we must turn away at the end of each year. Why not end the year with a healthy smile? Call (480) 792-6880 to schedule your appointment with a Phoenix Magazine Top Dentist today. We can help you end 2016 on a healthy note!
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