Feed Your Needs with Mediterranean Cooking Style

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Published: Fri Nov 11 2016

Shamm Mediterranean Restaurant is Here to Feed Your Needs with Mediterranean Cooking Style

You Don’t Need to Wait for a Wedding to Go Greek

Richardson, TX – November 2, 2016—Texans can get their taste buds ready for a fresh dining experience, Mediterranean-style. To get your Greek-styled Mediterranean fix, wait no more – Shamm Mediterranean Restaurant is here to feed your needs.

Every aspect of our restaurant captures the essence of Greek culture and cuisine, with the experience felt from the restaurant’s set-up to the dishes we serve. Here are just some of the ways you can benefit and enjoy from trying out Mediterranean-style cooking:

Mediterranean Cooking was meant to Be Eaten with Others: Feed your family and friends.

We serve dishes fit for one person or one person’s family. But for more fun and savings, make sure you don’t pass up the chance to dine with a group. The Greeks are a social people who love to dine in groups.

We at the Shamm Mediterranean Restaurant want to bring a similar experience to Texas by maximizing opportunities to get more people to dine here. Besides the wide, spacious area that greets you upon arrival at the restaurant, huge groups can also expect to get special discounts on their orders. Be sure to watch out also for our daily buffet specials.

Mediterranean Cooking is Worth It: Get what you paid for.

One of the distinct features of food prepared by the Greeks is the distinct care put into the cooking. Food is, after all, a universal experience. Everyone wants their delicacy to taste good. Here at the Shamm Mediterranean Restaurant, we give each of our dishes the required amount of care and effort.

We also make sure to price them right, so more customers will get to experience that unique Greek flavor.

Mediterranean Cooking is the Healthy Choice: Eat healthy.

For our more health-conscious customers, our menu at the Shamm Mediterranean Restaurant offers a variety of healthy choices. We make sure to partner our meat dishes with fresh vegetables and other healthy ingredients. And as the Greeks loved their seafood, you can also expect to find a healthy helping of it on the menu.

Besides the usual chicken and beef, you can also try out our lamb meals, coupled with hummus or fatoush. Bite into our falafel sandwiches for a quick eat. And for dessert, why don’t you try out our halawet el jibn – or, in English, stuffed sweet cheese?

Mediterranean Cooking a Whole New Experience: Taste a different culture through our signature dishes.

Taste the distinct Mediterranean flavors through old favorites, like the kabob or the shawarma. Venture outside your comfort zone with lamb meat, used in the mansaf and the shakriya. No matter your taste buds’ craving, the Shamm Mediterranean Restaurant is ready to serve it up.

With every dish, you’re assured of a specific amount of expertise used to create them. All of our meals aim to bring the Mediterranean dining experience as close to you as possible. In the middle of sweltering Texas, you’ll find that it’s possible to taste the shores of another country at Shamm Mediterranean Restaurant.

Watch out for the Shamm Mediterranean Restaurant’s grand opening at Richardson, Texas. Don’t wait any longer before deciding to try some authentic, healthy, and delicious Mediterranean-style cooking.

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