A Mosquito Repellent for Pregnant Women and Children

From: Tua Cucina
Published: Mon Nov 14 2016

According to wikipedia, here are some fact and precautions for children and pregnant women when using insect repellents:

Children may experience a greater risk for unfavourable reactions to mosquito repellents, in part because their exposure might be greater.

- Keep repellents with chemicals (especially spray ones) out of the reach of children.
- Do not permit kids to apply repellents to themselves under any circumstances.
- Do not apply repellents to the hands of young ones as they may ingest them or touch their eyes.
- Pregnant women should avoid any exposure to chemicals as the fetus may be vulnerable.
- Instead of repellents with chemicals, use netting over strollers or long sleeve clothing.

About this very last point. Imagine a very hot and humid day.. Would anyone like to wear long pants and long sleeve shirts? Or even have a net in front of them that’s blocking the breeze?

No one would like that, not even a baby.

So what if people used a mosquito repellent keychain instead? Wouldn’t it be more convenient and comfortable for everyone?

Here is an insect repellent on Amazon that shows where you can place it when a baby is around (see pic # 6):

A bug repellent keychain is harmless, as it does not use chemicals at all. It repels mosquito using sound waves.

This type of device does the job without any secondary effects, which is perfect for pregnant women and children.

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