Is There a Process for Writing Medical Mysteries?

From: linwilder
Published: Mon Nov 14 2016

(, I completed an extensive online ‘author interview." One of the questions which required more than a few minutes thought was, "What is your writing process?" There was a tight deadline for answering the questionnaire and returning it to the person who would promote it online. Hence, I spent too little time thinking about that question. As I reflect on the steps, I have taken in preparation to begin my fourth novel, I realize my original reply was not entirely accurate.

Initially, I said that I had no process because I considered the word to mean ‘procedure,' which connotes ‘systematic’ and ‘rational’. Like making use of outlines which I did during the years of writing non-fiction. But in the last few weeks of what I consider enforced downtime before beginning the next book, I realize I do indeed have a method of writing. And there is a system- with five distinct steps.

• The first is a period of time, say four to six weeks, where I try not to think about the new story. But not so rigidly that when thoughts appear, I fight them off.

• The 2nd step relates to my editor. Will I work with an editor I have worked with before or do I need to find a new one?

• For this new book, I decided I needed a new editor. That search takes time, and once the decision is made, a loose schedule is required for each of us. One that includes the date by which the book will be completed.
• My loose schedule starts with a timeline. For some reason, I knew I needed a minimum of six weeks to rest. A time when I have forced myself not to write. Days and weeks in which to relax, read other people’s novels and non-fiction, watch movies. And letting thoughts about the new characters drift in and out of my mind. But adhering to this period of nonwork. With just one exception: finding a list of sources for the research I will need to do for this new story.

• When I start working sometime next month, I’ll begin with research. Each new book requires in-depth knowledge about whatever subject matter I’m writing about. For A Price for Genius, which will be released next Tuesday, November 15th, I studied four books and numerous articles on epigenetics. I also visited the Animal Science Department at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo. This next book will demand about the same amount of research time or perhaps a bit more.

Should the author interview be of interestI have included it here. And should you decide to read any of the novels already published, I would love to hear how you liked the story.

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