Tips To Hire A Good Wrong Fuel Recovery Company

From: Help Wrong Fuel Ltd
Published: Mon Nov 14 2016

Wrong fuel recovery is a relatively new industry and this requirement for wrong fuel assistance emerged due to a variety of reasons. Some of them include;

• Pace and stress of modern life
• Increasing popularity of diesel cars
• Accidentally filling up wrong fuel

Many a times, we hear that people accidentally fill up with the wrong fuel i.e. they put petrol in a diesel vehicle and vice versa. Sometimes, just because their focus is somewhere else, they make this simple mistake. Hence, a wrong fuel removal specialist like is required for solving the issue in no time. However, while choosing the company, you must ensure that it is the right one;

Making the right selection

Many a times when motorists make this mistake, they panic and often search in a hurry. They want quick services and tend to click the 1st result that appears in Google. However, they forget that many companies are frauds and will take advantage of their situation. There are several laws that govern the handling of this fuel, because it is a volatile and dangerous substance. When a company is chosen, it must be ensured that they have a license from Environment Agency for handling as well as transporting dangerous fuels and moreover, engineers should be experienced and trained in removing the mixed fuel properly. Given below are few things that must be considered while hiring a reputable company.

• SPA Passports are a must. Yes, this is the Safety Pass Alliance and every engineer must carry it. This is basically to ensure that the engineer handling the work is capable and trained to carry this job safely. They must also have the "Misfuel" qualification on their Passport.
• The vehicles of the company should be equipped with complete equipment, including fuel pump or the scavenger unit. Moreover, there must also be a steel tank for isolating as well as transporting fuel. All equipment must be ATEX & DSEAR approved.
• Engineers should be fully trained, and experienced in the safe removal of contaminated fuel. They must also be experienced mechanics to know how these engine issues have to be diagnosed.
• Always check positive reviews by the customers, as it will help a lot.
• A reputed company won’t ask for upfront payments, until and unless they complete the job as per the customer satisfaction.

Check if the engineer has the correct equipment. Although this sounds a bit strange, it is a must to monitor this. The van or the mobile unit will have the livery of the company on it and also emergency vehicle lights. Secondly, the engineer will be wearing their company uniform. The attending professional will show their ID, so as to authenticate that he is genuine and not a fraud. Moreover, he will show the SPA passport as well. The vehicle should contain a steel storage tank along with a pump that has a capability of drawing fuel fast. So basically, these are the things that will help you in choosing the right company.
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