Bitcoin World mined data center in Sweden

Published: Mon Nov 14 2016

An English company back in early 2016 rented a large data center in Northern Sweden. The calculation was made to buy the manufacturing facility 2 years of financial leasing. However, in June, according to our sources, the data center was formally transferred to the new owner. The new owner of the documents was Remigijus Mikalauskas.

In one interview he was asked: "Is mining is so profitable business? You bought the production of early – namimili or is there some secret?" – Financial Times. It turned out that mining is profitable business. Income is enough to pay their monthly needs, the rent and other expenses. However, most of the capital was collected previously by the Board of Directors of the company and paid the first installment. The remaining part of the funds was payable monthly, but after the Swedish tenant declared bankruptcy, had to restructure the documentation to the new owner in accordance with the terms of contracts. Now the company is so firmly in place that offers its customers to rent power the data center.

And why not? Data center in Sweden is well equipped and has excellent performance, power more than 32 PH/s/ is not comparable with the figures of modern giants, but far ahead of "average performance", the same John McAfee, for example, that to aspire to leadership, without having a tenth part of the specified power. After the July halving of the company's income per month was about $700 000. With the growth rate of bitcoin now, their income is more than $ 1 million. In addition, the company is mining bitcoin and its forks, however, their business strategies, mining altcoins to customers is proposed.

Now about this company speak not only miners, but also investors who want to increase their capital. The society is clearly ready for the proposals of the Bitcoin World and many even before the official opening already expressed a desire to cooperate with the British.

About the company

Bitcoin World is a British company engaged in cryptocurrency mining. Officially registered in the UK in August 2016, Bitcoin World, however, has an earlier history of creation and foundation.

From February 2016, company’s General Director Remigijus Mikalauskas has signed an agreement to acquire data center located in Sweden, through the lease with further option to purchase it. All equipment of the mining farm also departs at the disposal of the new owner. At the moment, the capacity of the leased data center with its own production accounts is more than 16 PH/s.

After receiving the official status, Bitcoin World is engaged with the production of electronic gold not only for own needs, but also provides servers of different capacity in the sublease. Customers can choose the power and speed of the leased server; calculate its profitability, the payback period of the rent, as well as size and the net profit from mining.

Bitcoin World provides services for mining bitcoin and forks on different algorithms: SHA256, X11, Dagger-Hashimoto Scrypt mining.

Starting from February 2016, company continuously increases its base of cryptocurrency and production capacity, gains momentum rapidly. Until 2020 company’s management is planning to fully acquire data center. However, in August 2016, plans have changed and now there is a question on early repayment of the contract before the end of 2017.
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