Halmari Tea Launches 3 New Products

From: Halmari Tea Estates
Published: Tue Nov 15 2016

Halmari Tea Estate that boasts the number one tea garden in the world, now proudly launches three new products in the market. These exclusive flavors are Halmari gold Hand rolled Oolong tea, Halmari gold white tea and Halmari gold green tea. All these three flavors promise gentle and smooth blend that will provide an experience of having a perfect cup of tea every time.

Halmari gold Hand rolled Oolong tea, first product out these three, is a handcrafted variety that brings a soothing and mellow taste to the palette. This tea is made during one week (the second flush period) of June only every year. The blend also has less caffeine content, which makes the tea even more suitable for long-term consumption. "This is definitely the tea you are looking for which you can have for the rest of your life. So delicate and so flavorful it should definitely be on your bucket list to try," says a spokesperson of Halmari Tea.

The next variety, which is Halmari gold white tea, is also very gentle and mellow just like Oolong tea. As the taste of the tea is not very overpowering, it gives a perfect feel with every sip. Moreover, the caffeine content of this tea is also less, which makes it suitable for one to drink anytime of the day. The experts from Halmari Estate claim that even those who do not like white tea that much will love this tea.

The health benefits of green tea are now widely known. Halmari’s third product is its gold green tea, which is different from the regular green tea varieties available in the market. The taste of Halmari gold green tea is very flavorful and unique. In addition, the antioxidant properties of this product make it a perfect choice for everyone who wants to consume green tea for its health benefits. "If you have ever consumed green tea and not liked it, we urge you to try this so we can change your mind," adds a spokesperson of Halmari Tea.

All these superior tea varieties are produced following the international food and safety protocols maintaining the highest standards of hygiene. Halmari has made all these three new products available now.

About Halmari Tea
Halmari Tea Estate follows the legacy of more than 100 years of expertise, experience and quality. They provide thorough introspection to make sure that only the best teas are made in their tea garden, which is the number one tea garden in the world. The infrastructure is well equipped and supported perfectly by the top-class machinery. To know more about its new and existing products, visit https://www.halmaritea.com

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