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Published: Wed Nov 16 2016


Cool Tees and Tops for Women - Artistic Graphic Tee Shirts
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – 15th of November 2016. Imagine wearing something that is both casual and dressy at the same time. Imagine too, if you will, wearing beautiful art. Enter the graphic tees collection for women at

These moderately priced t-shirts are comfortable, sleek, sleeveless and form-fitting and have a polished look. They can go from office to play by wearing them underneath a denim jacket for a layered look, or with your favorite suit to the office. These tee shirts transition effortlessly without skipping a beat. They are made using spandex and polyester which results in a smooth wrinkle resistant shirt. The shirts are machine washable, and come in a variety of sizes from XS-XL.

The artists at Andrea and Me and Me Too design these tees and tops for women that are sold at They also create a collection of beautiful artistic finds such as coffee mugs, decorative pillows, women’s clutch purses and stunning large bead necklaces.

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