Skiplit releases update on iOS App Store bringing an entirely re-designed level screen

From: Skiplit
Published: Thu Nov 17 2016

Skiplit today released an update to their free iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch app, bringing an entirely re-designed level screen to the free, simple, and addictive puzzle game.

This update includes an all-new way of unlocking levels, as well. Levels are now broken up into groups for easier access, and after the first few tutorial levels in a group are completed, the entire group is unlocked. Once 9 of 10 levels in the group are completed, the next group is unlocked. This allows users to keep playing even if they cannot complete one level.

Also included in this update were seven new levels, and two new balls for gameplay.

Skiplit is a free iOS app and is available on the App Store for download, and works for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch in both English and Spanish! Just search for "Skiplit

Skiplit is the simple, addictive, and complex puzzle game for iOS all about getting the ball into the goal by bouncing off of walls to get around obstacles. When playing, you'll soon discover that levels in the game becomes more and more difficult when faced with a limited amount of bounces - skips. Skiplit is available for download for free on the iOS App Store — just search for "Skiplit".

After updating to version 1.3 for free, users will be able to take full advantage of the completely re-designed level screen.
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