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Today’s scenario where the internet and smart phones have changed the consumer practice and continue to so at an accelerating rate. Many old-fashioned business systems are now day move towards online platform but Body fitness centers are still intact for form this online rebellion to transform their business into an online platform.

Today many business solutions are accessible for Gym Management System however despite everything they not ready to make synchronization amongst Gym and member from Gym, Another issue connected with this thing is customization. Every Gym has provided food its administrations in an alternate way so every exercise center has its diverse necessity and they look for a framework which ready to execute custom administrations.

To fulfil these problems now, a unique business solution is introduced into the online market with tagline" Mera customer Sirf Mera hai". By using this technology to elevation and improvise Gym Management System and taking its member of Gym to an online bazar. Its offers exactly the same focuses on connecting the Gym Management and its member of Gym on a single platform so that the Gym Management can propose direct services in an improved manner while the member of Gym on the other hand are assisted from technical services.

Around here arrangement merchant will get finish Gym management system on an Individual premise. Business management, two interfaces will give by an company in which one for Gym itself and another is distribute mobile app creator for the individual from Gym as indicated by Gym administrations. From this equation the Gym will get taking after offices: –

•Dynamic Admin Database: – In this application administrator have a dynamic database in which he will ready to get to information with respect to all gym members.

•Gym packages: – In this application administrator will ready to tweak packages with respect to his gym members prerequisite.

•One-Click Connect: – In this application administrator will ready to associate his application to individual exercise center part and give him guidelines. In the other hand customer from Gym will find that Gym Management System application in android play store and simple to introduce. From this mobile app client will encourage by taking after office which are.

•Real Time Updates: – In this application the client will get continuous overhauls with respect to his workout schedule.

•Workout Routine: – In this application client will get his alter day by day workout schedule. This business solution is devoted to improving the individual’s business by make your own particular application to move on the web. By utilizing these one of a kind items which assist Gym proprietor with boosting their business by holding they’re steadfast and in addition new clients by giving administrations online stage.
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