Increasing student achievement, closing gaps in student achievement and increasing public confidence in publicly funded education. It encompasses these goals and reaches deeper and broader, raising expectations both for the system and for the potential of our children and students

[ClickPress, Thu Nov 17 2016] We must give our learners the tools they need to reach their full potential, regardless of their individual circumstances. By raising expectations, the transformation in Ontario education will ensure that students achieve at high levels, acquire valuable skills and become engaged members of their communities.
Students will be fully engaged in their learning, building the skills and developing the attributes they will need to compete for and create the jobs of tomorrow. They will benefit from a wide array of opportunities both inside and outside of school that are compelling and contribute to their success, including the opportunity to benefit from the effective and appropriate use of technology in the classroom. In a world that is constantly changing, Ontario students will be better prepared to adapt, achieve and excel, regardless of the challenges they face.
The quality of student learning is closely related to the quality of the teaching force and its leaders. All high-performing education systems in the world, like Ontario's, have vibrant, engaged educators, support staff and administrative and other professionals who are committed to continuous learning. Educators are creating more relevant, applied and innovative learning experiences that spark learners' curiosity and inspire them to follow their passions. They are laying the foundation for children and students to gain the experiences, skills and knowledge needed for success, now and in the future.

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