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Published: Fri Nov 18 2016

Microsoft has a long-standing reputation as a reliable choice for CIOs and CTOs looking for proven, dependable enterprise software. With the company’s new dedication to a flexible, integrated work-anywhere future under new CEO Satya Nadella, the company is continuously evolving to become a power-house of innovation for organizations that demand cutting-edge technology. While Microsoft continues to provide customers with an ever-expanding world of innovations, it can become a daunting task to navigate through the multitude of options in this fast paced technology centric business world. Microsoft Gold Certified Partner IOTAP specializes in helping companies choose from this vast array of services and technologies to find the right solutions for your business.

"Businesses today are evolving at a frantic pace," says Ismail Nalwala, IOTAP’s Co-CEO, "and Microsoft’s productivity solutions allow people to make choices that impact not just their businesses but their whole lives."

Nalwala cites technologies such as Azure, Dynamics 365, and SharePoint, each of which allows individual employees to live, work anywhere and access them from any device they prefer. With employees around the world, IOTAP is more than just a Microsoft Partner. The company relies on Microsoft cloud solutions such as Azure, Dynamics 365, and SharePoint to facilitate communication and collaboration between employees in each of their global offices.

Companies around the world are taking notice. As a worldwide Top 100 partner, IOTAP services clients from its four regional offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Oman, and India with a level of "always-available" service that few partners can match.

"Our experience as Microsoft experts, helps us solve multiple business challenges with a plethora of options that work together," Nalwala says. "The options to connect, collaborate, and communicate across the cloud leave companies with endless opportunities to grow."

At IOTAP, "options" is more than just a buzzword. The company’s primary focus is on using technology as a tool to create choices for their clients.

The options to connect, collaborate, and communicate across the cloud leave companies with endless opportunities to grow

Nalwala and his team take pride in evaluating its customers’ needs and using the Microsoft solutions at their disposal to create opportunities for success.

IOTAP reports that the current demand for intelligent, secure cloud services is high. The company’s Dynamics 365 solutions in particular, help clients meet an increasing demand for fast, personalized communication between organizations and their customers, while Microsoft Azure and the Enterprise Mobility Suite offer virtually limitless options that help accelerate the pace of business and collaboration in a secure, reliable environment. These tools give organizations the opportunity to grow their businesses while individual employees are enabled to work from where and how they please.

Where will the Microsoft ecosystem go next? Nalwala predicts continued growth in cloud services, as well as increased requests around the integration of Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data. Microsoft has already begun building these capabilities into Dynamics 365.

In summary, Nalwala explains, "We are helping customers with their journey to digitization and through digital transformation."

Companies that work with IOTAP to implement Microsoft solutions can expect a hands-on approach to digital transformation. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, IOTAP is committed to helping their customers achieve success every step of the way, from consultation to implementation and beyond.

"Every day we think about how we can improve our solutions and touch some part of our process to make it better," says Nalwala. "That’s what the new era of enterprise software is all about," he concludes.
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