How to Feed Cichlids Properly

From: Fanway Fish Feed Machinery
Published: Fri Nov 18 2016

In order to make the aquarium breeding work successful from the start, FANWAY plans ¡°golden rules¡± to eliminate the uncertain factors or accidental success from luck, which is a kind of natural rules ensuring to cultivate cichlids successfully. The rules, in other words, are to make fish and aquatic plant won healthy and vivacious life, and make the aquarium play its role.

Laying heating line at the bottom of aquarium can compel the heated water to ascend, thus making sand become a part of chemical and physical systems in the whole aquarium.

In tropical waters, the water quality of fast flowing water is always stable and some water quality factors, like PH value, carbon dioxide content and hardness, rarely change. Please note that the salt content of fish feed pellets must be very low because cichlids usually come from water area without salt. To be specific, you need to figure out what species your cichlids belong to because it determines which food to feed your fish. For fear that oxygen is not enough in night, you need to complement the oxygen in daytime by using the suitable lighting.

As the aquatic creature, it¡¯s troublesome and difficult for cichlids to get treatment after illness, neither easy to inject medicine nor oral drugs, so it¡¯s generally regarded that stress should be put on the prevention of cichlids disease. At the same time, Fanway suggests several tips during the process of prevention and treatment combination, achieving the disease prevention and earlier treatment for illness. First, strengthen the health status and disease resistance ability of cichlids themselves in normal management. In addition, pay attention to reduce and completely eradicate the harm to cichlids caused by pathogenic microorganism and parasite.
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