How to clean your hard drive?

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Published: Fri Nov 18 2016

Many PC users over time faced with the fact that the PC hard disk is very little empty space. When it befall it begins many unfortunate circumstances: it becomes impossible to keep the information on the disc; PC starts to slow down; from time to time with the computer, there are glitches. Obviously, in this case, it is necessary to clear the space on the hard disk drive, or to purchase a new larger volume.

Before you begin the process of cleaning the hard drive, you need to analyze what busy disk to find unnecessary files and files that occupy the most space on it. For this purpose, there are many programs to analyze your hard disk space. Disk Usage Analyzer is free and quickly cope with this task. In this program is very high functionality. It not only shows the tree structure of the disk with the file size, date of last modification and much more. This program can visualize the distribution of the disk space as a color chart. With the help of one of these programs, the user can identify the largest files, and decide whether to transfer them to other media.

Once the largest files will be moved or removed, you must get rid of all the garbage file. For this purpose, a special program - Disk Cleaner. This program can clean the Temp folder, clean the browsers (delete cookies, clear cache, delete the browsing history, etc.), delete temporary system files and temporary files left over from the work of different programs. This cleaning PCs can release a maximum hard disk space.

Hard drive not only clog up the temporary files. On any computer, there is a complete duplicate files. Duplicate files of different types take up a huge portion of hard disk space. This is especially true for double movie files and images. Find and delete duplicate files by hand - long-term and little effective process, so for this purpose there is a special software - duplicate cleaners. Using such a program, find and delete duplicates the entire hard disk can be in just a few minutes.

Thus, it becomes clear that it is not always necessary to buy a new hard drive instead of the crowded old. Often, it is not hard enough to release the existing hard drive, using software specially created for this purpose. In this case, disk cleaning is performed safely, quickly, efficiently, and the computer will run smoothly again.
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