MITID: Grooming The Designers For The Future

Published: Fri Nov 18 2016

Boasting of a state-of-the-art infrastructure, the institute is well equipped to provide all types of training for those who are interested to take up DESIGN as a career.

Need for designers
There was a time when a designer's job was just an add-on, more like an auxiliary skill to a person's core proficiencies. After all, people rarely gave much importance to design. But today, we live in an era of visual communication and so things have changed. What you see is what you buy! Before the features appeal to you, the design must catch your eye.
After all, the product is an integral part of the style statement that the user is sporting. He may or may not choose to flaunt it. However, he or she will subconsciously want to be proud of owning it. Now that we have established the importance of designing, you would also agree that there is a growing demand for professional designers. Yes! Designers who are well aware of the nuances that go into creating a perfect design.
Why choose MITID?
This is where institutions like MITID are changing the face of the game. The faculty and the courses are designed in accordance to the needs of the industry. In fact, as a practice, MITID regularly seeks industry feedback to fill the gaps and create programs relevant to the industry.
The effort is what sets the programs offered by this institute several notches above the other options available. In addition to the course material, even the teaching techniques used are an excellent motivation for aspiring designers.
As part of its teaching methods, the institute regularly conducts activities and interactions with industry experts. This helps the students open their minds to the latest trends in the industry. In fact, this also helps them evolve into better professionals to take up challenging roles in the future.
Am I eligible?
Career as a designer can be a lucrative option to enter the industry with the right skill. From automotive design programs to product design courses, the institution offers a plethora of options. The eligibility criteria for each program is expected to differ slightly. However students can get in touch with the admission cell to know more.
Career options
As a designer, you have various career options. So you can plan to go on your own as an entrepreneur or be a part of a big design house, you can pick an area of interest. Any product or even service, requires the input of a design element and this is where the designers are approached for their expertise. Basically, your decision to pursue a career as a designer will only open the floodgates of opportunity for you across various categories. So what are you waiting for? Log in to the MITID portal today and apply to your preferred design courses.
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