Billhook Games Just Released Axe Age

From: Billhook Games
Published: Mon Nov 21 2016

Billhook Games is a for profit organization comprised of writers, editors, collaborators, and artists from the Four Corners in New Mexico. The organization prides itself in staying true to its values and ethics of providing the best lowest cost gaming available.

Axe Age is a 28mm Fantasy Folklore skirmish game created specifically to allow players to use any 28mm mini. As a tabletop mini's player you get sick and tired of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on miniatures, then only being able to use those specific mini's in their specified armies, and then finding out there was a game revision and those expensive minis were no longer useful. Axe age allows you to use what you already have and mix and match those mini's to fit your perfect army.

You can purchase an electronic copy of Axe Age on Wargames Vault or visit us on Kickstarter! We look forward to sharing our world with you.

Come join Billhook games in welcoming Axe Age to the stage!
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