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Published: Thu Nov 24 2016

Ihealthkonnect is the first price discovery platform for healthcare. Discover and compare cost of medical treatment, cost of surgery and surgical procedures across geographies.

Ihealthkonnect.com not only gives patients an indicative estimate of cost of medical treatment in USA, India, Costa Rica, Malaysia, Thailand, Mexico and Korea but also helps patients and their families to discover and compare cost of medical treatment in India across some of the best hospitals.

The team at ihealthkonnect realises the importance of making an informed healthcare decision. They also understand how difficult it is to make that decision when there is no information available on comparative cost of treatment even within local geographies.

Their endeavor is to take care of the pain point of the discovery process so that users, patient’s , their friends and families can not only get indicative prices across geographies for their medical treatment but are also able to get comparative prices from hospitals within their local geography.

Once a patient has an indicative price and has shortlisted a few hospitals, medical reports can be emailed to the hospital to consult a doctor, get a 2nd medical opinion and a price estimate for medical treatment based on ones specific medical condition and the shortlisted hospital can be booked for medical treatment.

As of now cost comparison across hospitals is available across select JCI, NABH accredited best hospitals in India. However ihealthkonnect is working across select destinations offering high quality medical care to collate estimated prices for surgeries and planned procedures.

As a part of its future plans, users would be able to compare hospitals based on a few other parameters such as quality of care , efficiency of care, patient experience, cleanliness as well.

One of the recent innovations at ihealthkonnect is the chatbot @ihealthkonnect on facebook messenger to help users simply chat on facebook and reach out to the best in healthcare .

Using their chatbot @ihealthkonnect, users are not only able to reach out to the best hospitals, but also search, compare prices for major surgeries and procedures and save on cost of medical treatment in India.

What are you waiting for ? Get a 2nd opinion for free on your medical problem , get free estimated cost of treatment for your medical treatment.

So watch this space for more and visit www.ihealthkonnect.com for more information. Or go right ahead and chat with ihealthkonnect on https://m.me/ihealthkonnect

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Contact Name: Manisha Soin
Contact Email: support@ihealthkonnect.com

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