Ayurvedic Dandruff Treatment To Stop Hair Fall Effectively

From: Ayush Remedies
Published: Thu Nov 24 2016

With increasing impurities in water and air, hair fall has become a common problem. Harmful micro particles get deposited on scalp and damage sebaceous glands and follicles which in turn reduce or stop growth of keratin. There are many reasons which can be accounted for hair fall like poor diet, thyroid disorders, stress, birth control pills, cancer, genetic and hereditary factors, pregnancy, scalp infection, hair styling, etc. Although, there are many home remedies that stop hair fall effectively but one needs to spend hours to use those remedies which seems quite difficult due to busy routine. In order to get fast results, many people try and change various chemical based shampoos which make hair health worse. If not treated on time, temporary hair fall can turn into permanent baldness. One more stubborn problem through which people suffer is dandruff which happens when scalp loses moisture. One also faces loss of eye lashes in case of severe dandruff problem.

Those who do not get enough time to use home remedies for hair fall can use Hylix oil which contains extract of natural herbs to nourish hairs. This oil also provides the best ayurvedic dandruff treatment as it moisturizes scalp and prevents dryness. Ingredients of this oil go deep inside scalp and provide nourishment to sebaceous glands and follicles. Sebaceous glands produce sebum in optimum amount and produce protein (keratin) which makes hair. Due to healthy growth of keratin, hair grows at bald spots too where follicles get closed in scalp. Moisturization provided by this oil prevents dryness in scalp and thus forbids falling of white dead cells from head. This reduces risk of severe dandruff due to which one suffers through acne problem and loss of eyelashes. Powerful ingredients of this oil also maintain pH balance in order to protect scalp from bacterial and fungal infections. Hair also breaks down and gets detached from roots when one scratches scalp due to infection.

Herbal ingredients used in this ayurvedic dandruff treatment are:

1. Kalonji – These are also called black seeds which strengthen hair follicles. This reduces hair fall, space between hairs and baldness.
2. Bhringraj – It effectively prevents premature graying and split ends. This herb conditions hair and strengthens roots as well.
3. Neem – Due to its antibacterial properties, this herb prevents bacterial and fungal infection and formation of head lice.
4. Henna – This herb in ayurvedic dandruff treatment is used to condition scalp. Proper moisturization prevents roughness and dullness in hairs.
5. Shikakai – This herb acts as a natural cleanser and therefore eliminates impurities or harmful particles from scalp.
6. Amla – It contains antioxidants which help to get rid of free radicals that damage cells and cause hair fall and premature graying. This herb is also rich in phytonutrients, minerals and vitamins which increase circulation in scalp and stimulate hair growth.

It is suggested to regularly use Hylix oil to get long term benefits. Use this ayurvedic dandruff treatment for 3 to 4 months continuously to stop hair fall effectively. It also protects hairs from excessive heat to avoid dryness in scalp. Both men and women can use this effective herbal oil.

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