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Published: Thu Nov 24 2016

Presently, web designing is becoming more famous as each and everyone is looking for the web designers to develop their websites of their products and services. There was a day when people were going to door to door to introduce their services and to sell the things prepared by them and also they were putting advertises in TVís and newspaper. But this was costing more and burden for the small and medium scaled companies.

But now, things are change. Everything is getting digitized. People use different digital devices in day-to-day life. So, the companies are making use of it by making websites and reaching the customers through internet. Website design includes different technologies but still itís very easy to learn. Even a school student can design a page if he is having coding technique of html and css.

About HTML-

HTML Ė (Hyper Text Markup Language) is a markup language which is used to web pages. In HTML, there are different components which help us to create headings, upload the contents to the page, to add images. HTML helps to do all these things in organized manner. It includes different labels and tags. For example,


this helps to add a heading to the web page.


tag to add contents, paragraphs to the webpage. We can use to add the images. This tag also uses some properties, so that we can edit the size of image and also we can give title to it. And also we can change the presentation of the web page by adding different fonts and colors. This can be achieved by using CSS.

About CSS-

CSS-(Cascading Style Sheet) is a style sheet as it says by name itself. This is used to describe the web page presentation which will be written in markup language itself. By using this, we can add extra value, volume for our pages as said above. It adds good visual effect so that it attracts the viewers. CSS is also a very easy thing to learn. It helps to manage the layout of the complete website pages all at once itself. So by using CSS it helps to save time as well. This CSS is not only applied for the websites seen through computers, it also helps to make the change the display of the pages i.e. layouts for other devices. CSS is having syntax of selector and declaration block, so that it helps to understand well.

Web designing also includes JavaScript and jquery along with bootstrap so that we can create a responsive website more than just a page. People can learn web designing course by own as well as by joining any classes. So learn web designing and design the WebPages, as everyday 100ís of companies are getting start and they are looking for people who can design the website of their products and services.

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