Facebook is Now a Job Portal

From: Digible
Published: Fri Nov 25 2016

The most common use of Facebook is to stay in touch with your friends and family or it is widely used for advertising various Brands, or some courses like internet marketing courses Thane, Mumbai, English speaking courses etc. Many recruiters had already started using it to recruit for talent. Over 1.18 billion users log in to Facebook daily according to the site, far greater than the 12 percent of LinkedIn users (467 million total users) who sign in more than once per day as reported by Statist, a statistics company. As the number of people signing in on Facebook has increased, recruiters are turning towards Facebook to find candidates.
Here is what Recruiters have been doing on Facebook:
Recruiters had already started using Facebook for Recruitment - While the news about Facebook experimenting with job posts is exciting, companies have already been using it to recruit. More socially savvy companies seized the opportunity to create company career pages on Facebook in order to build a place where they could not only answer questions, discuss the company culture but share opportunities too. Recruiters have also discovered ways to search the candidates accordingly to their extracurricular activities.Recruiters can search for profiles by education, geography, interests, even by past employer.
Companies have been Posting Paid Ads- The same forward thinking companies who have created communities have been using paid ads to promote job opportunities.
Privacy Settings: Now you don't need to set up a separate Facebook profile for your job search, in fact, it is against Facebook's terms of use to do so. Instead, learn how to adjust your settings and monitor your account more closely. Any status update you share and set as public will show up on your public profile as well as comments you post to Facebook pages and public groups. Other sections of your profile that are public, include your profile picture, cover photo, schools and workplaces you've listed. To see what your public profile looks like when someone you don't know views it, go to your Facebook profile and look for the three dots near your cover photo and select the "View As" option under "Who can see my stuff?", make sure you are on your desktop. This allows you to select "Public" view to see how your profile is viewed by someone you don't know. If you decide you do not want to share certain parts of your profile, go to the lock symbol at the top of your screen and select "Privacy Checkup" and Facebook will walk you through the various section settings.
Jobs Tab on Company Website- Facebook now wants to make it even more easier for companies that already have a Facebook page to announce job opportunities. A separate jobs tab may soon appear on company Facebook pages, which may make it less costly for smaller companies to compete for talent. According to Facebook, not only will the job ad appear on the company's timeline, it will also allow interested candidates to simply click on an "Apply Now" button that populates parts of the job application with the candidate's public profile information.
Facebook users are more connected than ever before: According to the Facebook's research, within the U.S., people are connected to each other by an average of 3.46 degrees, not six degrees of separation as previously believed. These closer ties provide all Facebook users with easier access to people who have the power and authority to extend job offers. Thus, Facebook is now going way beyond its limits in terms of progress and development.
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