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Published: Tue Nov 29 2016

Bed bugs and other insects are resistant to many chemicals,

meaning heat treatments are often a far more effective method

of eradication. Chemical insect and bed bug treatments can

take several weeks, potentially months, to work and may

require several treatments to completely remove an

infestation. Heat treatments, however, kill bugs at any stage

of their life cycle and bluepestcontrol guarantee same day

eradication with this method.

How does Heat Treatment Work?
Modern day heat treatments are far more discreet than before.

Properties are now heated from within, meaning there is no

need to run pipes into a home which previously made an

infestation obvious to neighbours.

This whole process usually takes between six and eight hours

(based on properties with three to five bedrooms). Thanks to

our leading specialist heat treatment team and the best

equipment in the industry, we can provide the quickest, most

discreet and non-disruptive heat treatments available.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment Costs
Most universal treatment and a premium method of pest

eradication. Although usually a little pricier than chemical

treatments, the difference may not be as big as you think.
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