15th International Pharmaceutical Microbiology Conference

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Published: Tue Nov 29 2016

Set to take place on 21st and 23rd June 2017, the 4th annual event in the sell-out Pharmaceutical Microbiology series will bring together all levels of industry professionals, providing essential insights into the latest advancements in practice and technology, developments in regulation and the global harmonisation of evolving microbiology methods.
Join us as we ask questions such as, what are the best approaches in contamination control? Where does microbiological risk assessment interact with HACCP? How do we develop and manage the sterilisation and validation process? When can we use a scoring system to avoid unnecessary microbiological testing? What are the latest approaches to preventing biofilms?
Hear presentations from an array of market leaders such as GSK, Genzyme, Abbott, Med Immune and AstraZeneca, address real world case studies on the benefits and challenges of rapid methods, risk assessments and objectionable organisms.
Pharma/BioTech companies face challenge on how to improve quality of the safety data which is ever increasing in its quantity. Other challenges include managing the dynamic regulatory requirements, etc. which industries and the regulatory authorities face on a regular basis. In this setup, we are looking at communication and networking as important tools that can help industries and departments design new strategies to overcome the several implications.
Top key speakers include:
Olivier Chancel, Sterility and Aseptic Process Assurance Expert, Merial Sas CONFERENCE CHAIRMAN
Ruth Daniels, Head of MSAT, Microbiology, Genzyme
Sara Gamberini, Molecular Biology Scientist, Merck Serono
Hans Noordergraaf, Microbiologist, Abbott Biologicals
Thomas Schwartz, Microbiology & Molecular Biology Group Leader, Forschungszentrum Karlsrube Gmbh
Tim Eaton, Sterile Manufacturing, Specialist, AstraZeneca
Stephen Rawling, Microbiology Team Leader, GlaxoSmithKline
Phil Duncanson, Director of QC, MedImmune
Key Themes
Understand in depth the impact of PV legislation changes and trends of industries and their best practices
Assuring Compliance and its monitoring
Studying the role of QPPV and preparing for PV audit and inspections
Devising risk management plans, strategies and new risk-benefit analysis tools to improve REMS reporting
Implementing the risk management plans as well as safety surveillance methodologies for medical devices
Finding new approaches for risk minimization and communication
Formulating effective ways to enhance transparency and to encourage involvement of patients
Analyzing the IT and Social media role in Pharmacovigilance and Adverse events reporting
Assessing the use of databases and emerging tools for generation and detection of safety signals
Understanding the significance of outsourcing and its effectiveness
Finding new methods to promote harmonization of regulatory framework- developed and emerging markets

Business Benefits for 2017:
Discover the latest in the development and management of sterilisation and validation processes
Understand data review and analysis for pharmaceutical microbiology
Benefit from listening to developments in bioburden and biofilm control strategies
Look in depth at issues of objectionable organism management
Hear specialist advice on contamination control and risk assessment to minimise costs and maximise efficiency
Share the wisdom of respected consultants and get a regulatory perspective on recent changes and issues under review.

Conference Highlights are:
New Antibiotic Discoveries
Challenges in Endotoxin Recovery
Medical Microbiology
Research and Development of Anti-Infective Agents
Nosocomial Infections
Antimicrobial Resistance
Antimicrobial Stewardship
Recent Advances in Clinical Microbiology
Cosmetic Microbiology
Current Advances in Immunology
Advances in Infectious Diseases
Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
Data Integrity and Compliance
Disinfection & Sterilization Technologies
Quality Systems in Microbiology
Outbreak Pharmaceutical Challenges
Case Studies and Reports
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