Ultra Media & Entertainment Participates In ATF 2016 With Exclusive Titles & New Offerings

From: Ultra Media & Entertainment Private Ltd
Published: Tue Nov 29 2016

Ultra Media & Entertainment participates in ATF (Asia TV Forum & Market) 2016 with exclusive titles & new offerings.

- Ultra Media and Entertainment Private Ltd, this year along with its other titles, is exclusively introducing "Ultra Cookery"," Rusted Postbox" (Docudrama), "Food FunDay" and Web series "Homegrown".
- Ultra Cookery is a unique cooking show, which features various user-friendly recipes from all over the world, which one can prepare in the confines of their home.
- Rusted Postbox is a riveting docudrama series which features & narrates various significant events and personalities worldwide through stamps, notes and coins featured on them.
- Food FunDay – is a Cookery series on easy to follow & cook, attractive looking & quick recipes
- Homegrown is a web series with an engrossing story line, which makes it very relatable to the youth of today.

December 2016, Singapore: Ultra is participating at ATF (Asia TV Forum & Market), which is scheduled from 7th – 9th December 2016 at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. Along with its exhaustive slate of titles spread across Films, Television, and Animation, it will also present its latest exclusive production in Cookery, Docudramas and Web series.

ATF is one of the most prominent content markets in Asia Pacific region. Over 5,000 content buyers and sellers participate in this market every year.

This year to participate in ATF Ultra is introducing:

Ultra Cookery:

A series of cookery videos that will feature healthy, delicious and easy to cook multi-cuisine recipes. The recipes shown in "Ultra Cookery" are quick to make and are a blend of innovative and novel techniques that are easy to follow and can be tried by anyone in their kitchen. This program is primarily recommended for the working folks who share a passion for cooking.

Rusted Postbox:

It is a unique concept by mintage world, launched with a social motive to create awareness amongst the general public on the various coins, stamps and currency notes that have been launched to celebrate and commemorate significant global historic events and personalities. It is a series of docudramas that talk about the evolution of various coins, stamps & currency notes from around the world explaining its historical & cultural significance. Here "each stamp, coin and note tells a story" that is narrated in an easy, lucid story telling format with an effective voice over. Till date, there have been 25 episodes.

Food FunDay:

A series, which focus on recipes, those are easy to cook, attractive to look and less time consuming. Emanuel Chauhan (who is 12 years and had been a 2nd runner up in Junior Master Chef India Season 1) will be hosting the show. Each episode of Food FunDay ranges from 6-8 minutes.

Web series ‘Homegrown’:

Homegrown is a maiden voyage to the unexplored genre of stoner comedy in web series. Its engrossing story line makes it very relatable to the youth of today. This program is targeted to the age group from 18-40.

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