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From: Dexciss Technology Pvt Ltd
Published: Tue Nov 29 2016

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Pune, India, Dexciss technology Pvt Ltd is delighted to announce the release of its new and reshaped website where the visitors will receive a rich and informative experience. The website design has been kept elegant and attractive with each page offering something to hold your gaze imparting valuable information on what we do. The sleek and rich design helps move around easily and quickly between sections making it simple for you to reach the page of your need.

Dexciss technologies Pvt Ltd is a company that's been set up with an objective to make work simple and clutter free. For that, we have designed our very own ERP (enterprise resource planning) system which is made after analyzing 20+ ERPs to make it the best and the most effective ERP in the market. It's a very simple to use software which helps fillip communication among departments and make work uncomplicated.

When we entered the market we wanted to make a difference and that's why we made a product which is pretty high-end but at a rate which is within the reach of even the small business owners. Our system is the only true cloud ERP and even our on-premise ERP is available on the cloud. To take the offerings to the next level we even have Internet of things(IOT) in our ERP system which makes the machines talk to you. Now, your machines can tell you about their health when they need a repair or in worse case a replacement. So, you'll know beforehand when you'll be needing the above stated which helps you be prepared. Our system is also OS independent which again eliminates futile restrictions. As we talk about restrictions we would also like to mention that with our system your office won’t be a constraint anymore as our system is completely mobile and is easily accessible with smartphones with locale being no limitation.

Dexciss ERP is a complete business solution which has HRM, CRM, POS, E-Commerce, manufacturing, purchase, sales, logistics, and every possible module packed in this one system. While everything is packed in the system itself, you also have an option to only take one, two or more modules as per your requirements. For more information on how we can help you grow visit our website-

We are a company of ardent people who have a different approach towards work. We believe we are selling solutions they just happen to be in the form of an ERP. So, for us solving your problems is of prime importance and we believe that our system is the best way in which we can do it. We are based in Pune and have operations running in India, US, and south Africa. For more information –

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