BTU Software Brings Three-in-One Software for the Correct Freight Rate Outlook

From: BTU Software
Published: Thu Dec 01 2016

Wondering, what is three-in-one?

Three-in-one implies three significant nodes:

1. Freight Rate Prediction and Analysis
2. Sales Approximation, and
3. The Capacity

BTU Software works on these three indispensable modules. It is actually a web application that integrates these three concepts to provide the ultimate ease to the marketers or the industrialists. It is our short attempt to assist in evaluating the data and the sales related to a specific marketing concept. Everyone is acquainted with the perplexing circumstances of the current hard-hitting marketing era. And, in this crucial situations, it is very difficult to deal with these phases separately. Therefore, we have come up with this accessible concept so that you can incorporate all three important elements at this one reliable web application.

If you are looking for the one-stop platform to determine the freight prediction and to analyze its sales and capacity, then you can use this software. is a portal that provides you the flexibility to utilize the three significant steps under one virtual roof.

Our Program Embracing Three Statistics

1. Freight Rate Projection:
In the current real-time scenario, it is almost next to impossible to predict the "exact" freight rate. Plus, due to several fluctuations in the market conditions, it is difficult to interpret what would be going to occur. To cope up with these tricky states of affairs, the BTU software is capable of forecasting the most likely lowest rate that would be accepted. This software runs on the cloud-based technicalities, which help to determine the approximate rate. In the nutshell, it will give the results that are machine-oriented and most accessible.

2. Integrated Sales Module:
Our programs don't work in the dark direction. We set up a "pre-determined yardstick" that works in the right avenue to give our customers the right statistics regarding wins, losses, and revenues. This will help you to acquire the better knowledge of the customers' target pricing.
The fact is that our software set up a criterion associated with the payment of customer. It will assist you to generate the long-term client-customer bonding. BTU's aim is to analyze the exact, what your customer pays and then allows you to capitalize on all the given information.

3. Filter the Route:
The best part about BTU software is that its FRA is automatic. Our software consists of the cloud-based prediction device that extracts the previous data and then on the basis of that data and figures, it automatically interprets the right hidden patterns and shows them to the customer. Thus, this will improve your margin and the performance.

Along with these three statistics, this software has the potential to turn the realistic data into the real data and figures so that you can acquire what you want. Eventually, it forecasts more focused and precise interpretation for the rate, sales and capacity.
Being a sincere supply chain software development company, BTU Software is an esteemed name in the marketing world that enhances the stature of the freight rate estimation, its sales, and capacity.

So, try once! You will surely return to it.
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