Bridging Loans Sector Proves Increasingly Attractive for Buy-to-Let Landlords

Published: Wed Dec 07 2016

The past year has brought about yet another spike in bridging loans interest among British investors looking into buy-to-let opportunities. As banks up and down the country ever-tighten their restrictions and regulations on this kind of borrowing, investors are finding themselves with little option than to consider alternative solutions. According to, buy-to-let investors could save extensive time, effort and money by avoiding major banks and lenders altogether.

While the buy-to-let property market is tempting for investors at all levels, it is becoming increasingly difficult to buy into. By using alternative financial solutions like bridging loans, thousands of investors are finding themselves able to capitalise on opportunities that would otherwise have been entirely out of their reach.

Intelligent Finance

"If you want to raise funds quickly on a commercial property already owned or for the purchase of a commercial property that you are looking to buy, then a commercial bridging loan could be the ideal solution for you. Commercial mortgages due to their complex nature are notoriously much slower to arrange and complete than residential mortgages. This makes the use of commercial bridging finance in this sector much more relevant. A commercial bridging loan can be arranged and paid out often before a lender being used for longer term finance has even started to review the case." – UK Property Finance

What separates a bridging loan from a conventional financial product is two very important things. First of all, the capital a bridging loan provides can be accessed almost instantly, which in turn means never having to pass up a golden investment opportunity. In addition, much shorter repayment terms and incredibly low rates of interest mean total borrowing costs that are exponentially lower. Whatever the capital is needed for, a quality bridging loan has the potential to work out uniquely affordable.

For the buy-to-let investment community, making the most of key buying opportunities means needing to get hold of the required investment capital quickly. Likewise, instant access to cash is often needed for repairs, upgrades unexpected shortfalls. In all such instances, bridging loans have the potential to outperform every type of conventional financial product and service by an extensive margin.

A Spike in Activity

"Bridging loans can be used for many purposes and are not only limited to purchasing property. They have in the past been used for capital raising to pay tax bills or for numerous business reasons however the security for the loan must be UK property or land. The main difference between Bridging Loans and general loans is that there are no regular repayments to be made. A Bridging Loan is a short term secured loan where the funds and any interest charged are repaid in full at the end of the term." – UK Property Finance
When considering all of the above, it’s hardly surprising that the bridging loans sector as a whole has been attracting so much more interest than ever before. Up and down the UK, buy-to-let loans are becoming increasingly difficult to qualify for and the same is only set to continue indefinitely. Most major banks and lenders have indicated their intent to alter their buy-to-let lending policies – many have already rolled out highly-restrictive changes.

The advice from is therefore relatively simple. When it comes to financing property purchases or related projects of any kind, there’s much value to be gained by considering all options on the table. Bridging loans have the potential to be quicker, simpler and far more affordable than any comparable financial product from a mainstream lender. All solutions are tailored in unique accordance with the needs of the borrower and it costs nothing to find out.

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