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Published: Wed Dec 07 2016

Begun in 2006, MAEER's MIT Institute of Design has been the directing light in the field of design over the other Indian design establishments. With a dream to grant quality design instructions to the nation, MIT Institute of Design has built up a design course line that outperforms worldwide guidelines.
In their journey to accomplish a more prominent position among the design institutes in India, MIT ID has presented various projects that change the way outline training is seen in the nation. Initiating the Design Habitat idea, the organization seeks to get a change in the way design as a vocation is perceived.
The Bachelor of Design and Master of Design courses are built to showcase an extraordinary approach in a moving and animating environment, which is an irregularity among the Indian design institutions. People who are a part of this Design Habitat are guided by the best outline minds of the nation who are dependable up to investigate new regions in the realm of configuration learning. The faculty members are likewise capable of lighting a change that prompts a more exhaustive, top to bottom learning of the design curriculum. By being one of the main design establishments, understudies at MIT ID are all around redesigned with psychological brain sciences, elective vitality frameworks, performing expressions, outline humanities and humanism among different fields.
By not limiting the coursework to classrooms, understudies at MIT ID are specialized among various streams. The coursework is developed in a way that understudies take an interest with the guides crosswise over different orders to light a changing view of the outline. This move in style from the customary style of learning and clears another way for people who wish to change the way the world sees the design.
It is into this sort of animating and uplifting environment that guides the students of MIT ID and brings learners and young personalities to investigate fresher regions that ought to supplement and fortify their continuous development. The teachers and faculty members would guarantee that the level of cooperation is with the end goal that it in the end prompts to a discovering that is thorough, maintained and centered inside and out.
Among the various design courses in India, MIT ID can gladly verify themselves as the bearers of the Design Habitat philosophy. By concentrating on how the center belief system of configuration has changed throughout the hundreds of years, understudies of MIT ID can look at its significance in this regularly evolving world. While configuration can be authenticated as one of the most established callings ever, it has infrequently been regarded and venerated among the various differences that have concealed our general public. With an adjustment in mentality, MIT ID stands tall among the various design institutions with their contemporary attitude.
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