Appeal to trace son of Italian Prisoner of War held in Cumbria

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Published: Thu Dec 08 2016

Maria and Filomena Antenori and are the daughters of the late Mr Giuseppe Antenori, son of Angelo Antenori, born in Venosa (Potenza, Italy) on 4th May 1919.

They said: "Our father was taken prisoner by the British in the battle of Bardia during the Second World War, probably on 3rd January 1941, and was kept a prisoner in the UK until 1946.

"We have been looking for some information about our father’s imprisonment for years. In particular, we would like to find out the name of the family who owned the farm where my father worked between 1941 and 1946. Our father told us that he was treated very well and that he had a relationship with the farm owner, a Ms Barbara, from which a son was born.

"The only aim of our search is to find out the identity of our British brother, if he is still alive, as we consider him a bond with our father. We are writing to ask for your help in this difficult search: a positive outcome could make our wish come true and possibly make also our British stepbrother happy. We would like you to share with us any information that may help us to trace our father’s British family: addresses, telephone numbers, email or Facebook contacts."

Anyone with information please contact Clara De Musso

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