Mr. Marketing Announces the Release of Franchise Perfect Circle, a Comprehensive Marketing Solution

From: Mr. Marketing
Published: Fri Dec 09 2016

Mr. Marketing, an IT and Local SEO consulting firm in Charleston, SC, announced the release of Franchise Perfect Circle, a comprehensive web platform with a suite of marketing applications that will modernize and empower franchise organizations to scale up with ease. Franchise Perfect Circle fills in the gaps of WordPress Multisite, a platform that is already extremely popular and quickly gaining traction in the franchise industry. The solution includes a Sandbox system that allows franchisees and their vendors full access to their website to make changes without the possibility of causing harm or disruption to the live site. Other issues with the popular WordPress Multisite platform such as security vulnerabilities, search engine friendly URL structure ( vs. and cost-effective maintenance have all been solved as part of this innovative all-in-one solution. The Franchise Perfect Circle CRM has a Review Manager to request reviews from clients and to track reviews from around the web, an email marketing system, and a truly unique SMS/MMS marketing system that takes marketing automation to a whole new level.

"Franchise Perfect Circle is the culmination of franchise IT problem-solving and internet marketing strategies developed over the past few years. Previously Mr. Marketing has grown from our private label resellers, but with the launch of Franchise Perfect Circle we are going to build a brand and connect with franchise organizations directly. It is a very exciting product, and our team is very excited to demo it for prospective clients," said Matthew Rubin, President of Mr. Marketing.

About Mr. Marketing
Mr. Marketing is an IT and Local SEO firm specializing in marketing franchise, multi-location chains, and real estate agencies. Mr. Marketing works through their agency partners and directly with clients using innovative solutions to lower marketing costs and advanced internet marketing strategies to increase customer acquisition. Mr. Marketing has offices in Mount Pleasant, SC, Dhaka, Bangladesh, and Quezon City, Philippines, and currently employs a team of 19. More information about Franchise Perfect Circle is available at or call (843) 410-1046.
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