How To Increase Memory Power With Natural Brain Supplements?

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Published: Sat Dec 10 2016

Stress, high blood pressure and diabetes are some factors linked to poor memory in aging people. Even young people, sometimes, suffer from memory loss as a medication side effect, or due to chronic alcoholism, vitamin B 12 deficiencies, blood clots, liver disorders, thyroids problems or due to infections in brain. Long term depression can cause forgetfulness and this condition of loss of mind, if in younger men and women, can be easily recovered once the phase of depression is gone. Sometimes, these symptoms cause serious health issues and the person may suffer from cognitive impairment and deterioration of physical health such as loss of weight, loss of appetite, metabolic diseases, ulcer, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's, asthma etc.

In Alzheimer's, a part of brain suffers from nerve cell deaths and this spreads to other brain areas causing serious ability issues such as inability to recognize people, think or do everyday activities. Sometimes, the condition of vascular dementia which happens due to stroke or change in the blood supply to brain cells can lead to death of brain tissues and the person's memory, cognition, coordination and reasoning is affected. This seems to be a complicated condition, where people seek simple ways to how to increase memory power.

The problem of forgetfulness can be cured by adopting a disciplined lifestyle, where the person has a to-do-list with notes and calendars. One should have hobbies and motivation to actively carry out hobbies. Engaging in physical activities, jogging and exercising helps in improving brain functions. Socializing is also important for leading a stress free life and one should avoid chemical medicine abuse, alcohol and smoking. To know how to increase memory power using natural extracts, one can take natural brain supplements Brahmpushpi capsules empowered with rare memory enhancing herbs such as Brahmi, Kachnar, Gorakhmundi, Ustekhadus etc.

Brahmi knonw as Bacopa monnieri, is one of the popular natural brain supplements in Brahmpushpi capsules, helps in enhancing the flow of dopamine and other serotonergic systems. The herb enhances rate at which nervous system can communicate and also promotes the growth of nerve endings - dendrites. This is rich in antioxidants and can prevent age-related damage to brain cells. It is an adaptogen which can help in de-stressing mind and enhancing motivation.

Study on the herb Bacopa approves of the enhanced neuronal transmissions which help in improving memory and this happens through the serotonergic system influencing the acetyl cholinergic transmission. These effects are not just seen in aging people but it also works in young and growing people. The enhanced neuronal transmission and the proliferation of dendrites promoted by the intake of herb are related to enhanced memory formation in humans. It improves retention in healthy people and reduces short term forgetting. There are many ayurvedic studies on the herb tested on adults and children that approves of its properties and the studies also find that it is effective against amnesia caused by stress. It reduces the expression HSP70 in all areas of brain to prevent negative effects of stress on body. Natural brain supplements also improve retention speed. The regular intake of the herbal capsules improves memory and prevents delayed recall.

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