Herbal Anti-Inflammatory Oil To Reduce Joint And Muscle Pain Safely

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Published: Sat Dec 10 2016

Lupus is one of the risk factors associated with weakness of bones or osteoporosis, and it is also one of the risk factors for the inflammatory condition, osteoarthritis that affects the hands and larger joints e.g. knees, spine and hips. About 20 percent of the patients with the symptoms of lupus suffer from fibromyalgia, the condition which causes pain, interferes with sleep and can result in extreme fatigue. Osteoporosis refers to the condition when the bones get porous and this happens because the old bones wear out and the surface of the bones and joints develop cavities. The medicines taken to reduce joint and muscle pain or lupus, can further cause side effects in the form of muscle weakness, and this loss of muscle strength can be gained once the medicine is discontinued.

Changes in endocrine flow, poor diet, chemical medicines, sedentary lifestyle and weak body types, especially, smaller women having less dense bones are highly susceptible to such conditions. This problem grows with age as the women may suffer from pain in various body parts - joints and muscles. The person suffers from pain of the muscle of the thighs, pelvis, shoulder, upper arms and may suffer from difficulties in climbing stairs. He/she may find it difficult to comb hair, lift objects and even bath, the process that require raising head or turning in bed. Herbal anti-inflammatory oil can be used to provide relaxation to the joints and prevent muscle pain.

Herbal anti-inflammatory oil contains rare ingredients which have long term repairing effects on body tissues, especially, for shoulder stiffness, knee, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, pain and loss of signaling to the nerve endings on the skin layers. Rumacure oil contains the ingredients Tarpan oil, Buleylu oil, Dalchini oil, Kapur oil and Castor oil and these together get rid of infections and inflammation to reduce joint and muscle pain.

Massage and exercising are two ways which can reduce muscular tension and increase blood flow. The method of massage promotes relaxation, although, it should be applied carefully. Some specification noted by literature states the optimal duration of massage for osteoarthritis is one hour in a week. The procedure should be painless and the intensity should be increased gradually. Light pressure should be applied initially with the oil and some of the most significant changes in pain can be seen 15 minutes after the massage. This method is not just effective to reduce joint and muscle pain but can also benefit in case of low sleep quality, nausea, anxiety and this is highly effective way of cure for patients who are bed bound - rather this should be made an essential part of conventional therapies.

Herbal anti-inflammatory oil e.g. Rumacure oil massage helps in improving sleep quality, increasing restorative sleep and reducing sleep disturbances. The problem of damage to the connective tissues along with joint pain can be improved and the herbal ingredients can reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and radiations. Patients suffering from mood disturbance due to medical conditions can see a decline in distress, anger, depression, fatigue, nausea, eating disorders and anxiety after the process of massage.

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