How To Get Rid Of Digestive Disorders With Natural Acidity Remedies?

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Published: Sat Dec 10 2016

Digestive disorders and acid refluxes are commonly mistaken for other diseases. Acidity can cause chest pain as if burning spear piercing the body, a sharp pain from the shoulder to hands, legs and back, body pain, muscle ache, pain in the arms and some people complain of nausea, bloating, indigestion, vomiting and pain along the bone line, while, they may feel better after burping. Some people go for gallbladder surgeries, or consider it to be a case of Hiatus hernia but even after various medical procedures the person may not be relieved of the pain.

Modern therapies recommends intake of high fiber diet - fruits and vegetables as natural acidity remedies, alternatively, in Ayurveda sour high fiber fruits are not suggested for acidity. Ayurveda lists foods to avoid for acidity e.g. sour or salty dry foods, baked beans, ready-to-eat, frozen, etc. To know more about how to get rid of digestive disorders completely, one can adopt healthy eating habits e.g. avoiding high fat diet, avoiding certain food combinations (e.g. curd and fruits).

Gastric related chest pain is, sometimes, mistaken for a heart attack but there are differences in the way the pain reacts during cardiac issues, as it is not resolved by burping or breathing, on the other hand, the symptoms of acidity can be controlled just by moving, exercising, burping or taking antacids. Dependency on antacids should be avoided as these can cause imbalance of the metabolism and internal swelling. Stress is linked to the condition of digestive disorders as one takes in more air during stress and it can cause the release of enzymes in the body having adverse impact on metabolic functions. In Ayurveda, to know how to get rid of digestive disorders, one should avoid these foods - meat, high proteins, high fat, asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, fructose (found in wheat, pears, onions and soft drinks), lactose (found in milk) etc.

Certain natural acidity remedies Herbozyme capsules provide excellent ways for easy management of such conditions as it is rich in herbs which can help to maintain the pH level of stomach and also aid in metabolic functions. These herbs improve liver and gallbladder functioning to prevent indigestion after taking a high fat meal.

Ferula Foetida, one of the ingredients in the natural acidity remedies, Herbozyme capsules has the property to promote wind expulsion from the intestine. It works as carminative and during studies, it was tested on laboratory animals where when taken in concentration 3 mg per ml of the gum resin, it was able to inhibit contractions caused by chemicals potassium chloride, histamines and acetylcholine. Ptychotis Ajowan, another herb in the natural acidity remedies, is rich in thymol and it makes it effective antiseptic. It was widely used during the WW II to cure internal infections although; its culinary uses are limited to Indian subcontinent. It is used for getting rid of bowel issues, flatulence, stimulation of circulation and enhancing appetite. It is also effective against sinus congestion, cough and respiratory disorders. Its regular use can get rid of the problem of muscle pain due to acidity.

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