Herbal Remedies To Ease Constipation And Get Relief From Stomach Problems

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Published: Sat Dec 10 2016

Are you having trouble pooping? Well there are millions all around the globe who suffer from these similar disorders. According to latest estimations, constipation accounts over 2.5 million which often affect adult woman more than any other age group or gender. A variety of symptoms which lasts the whole day indicate constipation at its earlier stages. Problems include low back pain, boating gas accompanied by anxiety and fatigue are very common. Well the good news about constipation is that it is perfectly curable and if taken care of regularly can be prevented with ease. There are herbal remedies to ease constipation and get relief from stomach problems.

Understanding constipation:

Constipation is the best defined as the difficulty faced mainly by adults in emptying bowels which associated with hardened feces. It causes lowering of normal movement of food through digestive tract. Those with severe constipation problem produce as fewer as three bowel movements per week. They have hard and dry with small bowel movements which are very painful and difficult to pass. Many herbal remedies to ease constipation are available which helps to get relief from stomach problems.

Causes of constipation:

Constipation is caused by a combination of several factors which is directly related to diet, daily movement levels along with stress levels. Most common reasons are low fiber diet accompanied by low water intake. Emotional stress contributes to a significant extent in causing such disorders. With the help of herbal remedies to ease constipation and get relief from stomach problems constipation can be cured.

The key factors are:

1. Inactivity and lack of daily exercise and movement reduces blood flow. Exercise helps in strengthening muscles of the digestive tracts and helps in controlling stress.

2. Some remedies like antidepressants, calcium and iron supplements, anticonvulsants, diuretics, narcotics and many more leads to constipation if consumed regularly.

3. High emotional stress alters hormones and restricts neurotransmitter productions which directly influences muscle tension and overall functioning of the digestive system.

4. Poor diet with the deficit of carbohydrates, unhealthy fats, synthetic additives and alcohol often harder the process of bowel movements.

5. Poor sleep and bad bathroom habits can lead to these problems. Thyroid disorders, diabetes, menopause and others contribute to constipation. Parkinson's disease, neurological issues and various spinal injuries has long term effect on nerves of GI tract.

Natural remedies to ease constipation and stomach problems:

Use herbal remedies to ease constipation and get relief from stomach problems. Carry out the following on regular basis to get suitable results.

1. Start consuming fibers like bran cereal, psyllium seeds, dried beans, prunes, and oat meals. Flaxseeds have high fiber content in them which helps in making heart healthy.

2. Drink lots of water and consume up to 4 to 5 liters of water daily.

3. Consume limited amount of caffeine to lessen bowel movement.

4. Castor oil stimulates small and large intestines. So even with its awful taste regular consumption of this oil is quite beneficial to treat stomach problems.

5. Perform regular exercise to enhance blood flow and lessen bowel movement. Go for morning walk regularly.

Arozyme capsules:

Arozyme capsules have been manufactured with the help of natural ingredients which will help people get rid of constipation. These capsules are available within budget and are very effective in treatment of constipation.

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