From: Parish Engineering Pty Ltd
Published: Mon Dec 12 2016

Parish Engineering have announced a major business expansion with the acquisition of Longworth Engineering. For Paul Rafferty, Business Development Manager at Parish, the Longworth takeover makes good business sense. The key benefit for Parish will be the opportunity to have its own product line, in the form of Longworth’s extensive range of air fittings. Prior to the takeover, Parish had been largely confined to contract work as a components supplier. This, according to Rafferty, leaves one dependent on customer demand, so having a product line provides a degree of independence and stability. "Before we relied on everyone else, so you’re at the mercy of what your customers do," he says. "This gives you a bit more control if you’ve got your own product. Most repetition engineers, that’s their aim, to find their own product they can sell."

"With the demise of the automotive industry, we’d been looking at options to expand," he explains. "I knew John, and a few years ago he mentioned he was looking at getting out of the business. I knew the business would be a good fit, so I had a chat with Graeme and Nicole and said ‘Shall we have a look into it?’ And today, here we are moving everything over."

About the companies : Founded by John Longworth in the 1950s, Longworth specialises in repetition engineering as well as manufacturing air fittings for the truck industry. Established in 1932, currently owned and run by father-and-daughter team - Graeme and Nicole Sinclair, Parish manufactures precision components for clients in industries such as automotive, defence, aerospace and mining.
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