9FilmFest to Raise Funds via Indiegogo for Emerging Filmmakers

Published: Tue Dec 13 2016

: 9FilmFest has announced that it will be raising funds for its fifth film festival via Indiegogo. The festival will be taking place in Thailand and will give the emerging filmmakers a unique platform to screen their short films. The contest that will be held in Bangkok, will feature short films of duration 9 minutes or less. The goal set to raise funds for this festival is $14,000 and generous contributors can use the Indiegogo to fund this inspiring campaign.
"9Fest’s founding purpose is to help filmmakers reach the widest audience and raise the profile of films through our distinctive style. Held in Bangkok, it brings attention to Asia and the development of cinema. Short films sent to Festivals and online are now the best way forward for new talent," said Brian Bennett, the Co-Managing Director of 9FilmFest has taken an initiative to bring a new wave of creative talent to Thailand. "We believe art and culture should be accessible to all, therefore we keep theater tickets free," he added. Brian has been a long time resident in Bangkok and founded the original Bangkok Film Festival in 1999.
The best films will be screened at the festival for the public for absolutely free, to give everyone a taste of fine talent, without any discrimination and that is the reason why fundraising is being done to make it happen. The festival will not only serve the participating audience, but will help the community at large. The audience and filmmakers, as well as the cultural and artistic community of Bangkok, will get the maximum benefit out of this festival.
The event is absolutely free for the community, but the money contributed by the people will go towards bearing the administrative and organizing costs. The budget is needed to arrange display, banners, call for entries, awards, and event administration costs, etc. The lovers of performing arts can make their generous contributions towards this amazing initiative by reaching the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign via the following link and can also refer it to their friends and relatives to play their part in making the festival a success:

Contact Name: Brian Bennett [Co-Managing Director]
Contact Email: BrianzBennett@gmail.com
Contact Phone: 66 086 797 3712

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