"Money Doesn't Grow on Trees" Encourages Readers to be Curious and Courageous

"Money Doesn't Grow on Trees" encourages children to be curious about the different ways money can be made and grown.

[ClickPress, Tue Dec 13 2016] Before we can save money, we must first make money. “Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees” encourages children to be curious about the different ways money can be made and grown. The main character, Anthony, is interested in understanding where money is made and with the help of his teacher, uncovers a variety of ways money is made and used.

“How often have we said the phrase ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’ never fully appreciating how that might be viewed by impressionable, imaginative children?” asks author Tony Bland. “I wanted to create a book that would help young readers become curious about the opportunities for future income and be inspired to learn more.”

“Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees” is a book about the adventures of a little boy and his desire to learn about the world of finance. It is a story of family values, teacher involvement, and the impact of words on the mind of an impressionable child.

The colorful illustrations, provided by Chad Thompson, help bring to life the ways in which money is garnered and used in our everyday life. Anthony, the main character in the story, understands that money doesn’t grow on trees but is curious as to how money does grow. Together, he and his teacher consider all of the ways in which money is accumulated and used in our life.

“To take care of yourself financially, you have to monetize your intelligence and ideas,” said Bland. “This book is the first in a series that will explore the different ways people can make money. If they are curious, work hard and take advantage of the opportunities that are available, the possibilities for making money are endless.”

“This delightful tale will inspire parents to have important conversations about money with their children,” said Lisa Umina, founder and president of Halo Publishing. “It is a wonderful gift for parents and grandparents hoping to instill a respect for money in their children.”

“Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees” is now available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon, in hard cover for $18.95.

* Barnes and Noble - http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/money-doesnt-grow-on-trees-tony-bland/1125195031?ean=9781612445137
* Amazon - https://www.amazon.com/Money-Doesnt-Grow-Trees-Bland/dp/1612445136/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1480348641&sr=8-2&keywords=Tony+bland

About Tony Bland:
Tony Bland was born and raised as the only son to parents who divorced when he was nine years old. He is now an executive in the financial services industry with an Undergraduate degree in Accounting from the University of Connecticut, and a Masters of Business Administration degree from the University of North Carolina. From an early age, he had a curiosity about business and sees the same curiosity in his twelve-year old son, Anthony.

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