Amsterdam tourism grows twice as fast in 2016, is there a New Golden Age of tourism in Amsterdam?

From: Rembrandt Tour Amsterdam
Published: Mon Dec 19 2016

As the try-outs of a new tour has started, where Rembrandt is brought back to modern times and will show visitors his neighborhood. Rembrandt Tour sees a bright future for their tour, however city officials are now fearful they can’t fulfill the visitors demand, that are caused by the unexpected fast growth.

The mayor of Amsterdam, Eberhard van der Laan stated earlier this year "the people in Amsterdam need a real solution for the growth, it’s becoming problematic."
The city seeks for solutions to keep with the demand, although another hundred hotels are planned to be build in Amsterdam. This will not be enough to sustain growth and the city looks now for alternatives. The option to offer free public transportation from other cities, like The Hague and Rotterdam is now being considered.

For consecutive years the tourism industry in Amsterdam is thriving. The year 2016 is going to be the highest growth ever. The Netherlands, according to a UNWTO report, is the fastest growing tourism destination and outpacing France, which numbers suffered under the recent terrorist attacks, but it still remains the most popular destination in the world. The statistics of UNWTO show that Amsterdam is growing fast in popularity, half of the tourists will visit the Netherlands just to see Amsterdam.

"You could say that the old city has a new Golden age. Looking back for ten years you can see an above average increase, but this year is exceptional" says Chris Bondam, employee of Rembrandt Tour.

The main attractions are the Keukenhof, Canal boat tour, the Rijksmuseum and the Anne Frank’s house. For the younger generation Amsterdam remains the place to be for enjoying the "liberties" of the city.
"It’s the first time in Amsterdam’s history there’s been such a great boost in the tourism industry, you can speak of a second Golden Age."

To accommodate the visitors with entertainment, the city helps new initiatives that try to provide culture rich events. The Rembrandt tour is one of those initiatives.
Rembrandt tour is a project subsided by the city of Amsterdam, the initiative is to allow people to see the city through the eyes of the great artist.

The tour is already giving free try-outs and you can book them now for free on . The tour will be lead by an actor who plays Rembrandt and guides the visitors through the streets of his neighborhood.
The starting date of the tour will be in the beginning of March.
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