Leading transformer manufacturer in India providing low losses transformer for energy demands

From: Rajasthan Powergen
Published: Mon Dec 19 2016

The brand manufacturer of distribution and power transformers, Rajasthan Powergen Transformer Pvt. Ltd. is the leading manufacturer and exporter of transformers in India and Africa(www.rajasthanpower.in). Established in the year 2011, the company has set up itself in this short time span as the brand in the power industry.

The team of experienced and skilled professionals is the key reason behind the success of the company in this short time span. The company is producing low losses transformers that are able to meet the growing energy demands across the globe. The low losses and energy efficient transformers manufactured at Rajasthan Powergen Transformer Pvt. Ltd. are able to fulfill the demands of the customers with minimum losses and maximum efficiency.

The new improved and latest technologies are used by the expert professionals of Rajasthan Powergen so as to ensure that the transformers can fulfill the demands of the customers and are as per their requirements. This is the key reason why the transformers manufactured at Rajasthan Powergen are eco-friendly, cost effective and compact sized and live up to the demands of the customers. Rajasthan Powergen stands in the list of the top 10 transformer manufacturer in India due to the ability to manufacturer the transformers having these many quality features.

Number of quality products are exported and manufactured by Rajasthan Powergen such as Power transformer, Distribution transformer, Furnace transformer, heat-treatment transformer, substation structures etc.

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency, New Delhi has recognized the transformers manufactured at Rajasthan Powergen to be the most energy efficient transformers. The team of experienced as well as young professionals together results in the production of best in class transformers. Each and every product manufactured and distributed by Rajasthan Powergen including Furnace transformer, Power transformer, Distribution transformer, heat-treatment transformer, substation structures etc. are as per the International Design standards. With the use of latest and new improved technology, it is ensured that the transformers manufactured by the company are eco friendly, shock proof, cost effective, free from humming sound.

It is ensured that the products manufactured and exported by Rajasthan Powergen are as per the specifications provided by the customers and are therefore able to meet their power and energy demands. To "Grow with Power" is the aim of Rajasthan Powergen, the leading manufacturer of transformer in India and with sincere and dedicated efforts, they are moving forward in this direction. Keeping in mind its responsibility towards the environment, Rajasthan Powergen manufacture and export the transformers that are shock proof, eco-friendly and free from humming sound so that they did not lead to air or noise pollution.

The result of the quality of work provided by Rajasthan Powergen is the huge list of satisfied clients who are having trust in the products and services of the company. For all those who are in search of reliable solutions for their power and energy demands and have certain queries in their mind, the proven track record of Rajasthan Powergen is there to resolve all their queries. So get reliable power solution from the leading transformer manufacturer in India.
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